Hi, I'm Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

and I'm completely obsessed with digging into special education solutions with parents, teachers and IEP teams everyday.

I grew up as a special needs sibling, my brother has Down syndrome. I see the IEP table from the perspective of the family.

I became a special education teacher, determined to change the world from the inside of my classroom. I see the IEP table from the perspective of the school team.

For 20+ years I've been working for both parents and teachers, helping EVERYONE work together to create IEPs with less stress and more results.

I've consulted with parents + IEP teams through hundreds (probably thousands, I stopped counting after the first decade) of IEP meetings since 1996. I've seen what is possible for a child's future when we design a child's IEP for the real world and I can teach you how to make it happen!

The Struggle is Real 

Special Education teams and special needs parents have historically had a disconnect in communication and collaboration when working together on IEPs. In the past, teachers and parents only had options for traditional teacher training programs, adversarial advocacy programs for parents, and a consistent focus on legal issues for providing appropriate educational services. Teachers and parents have not been encouraged to work together proactively to avoid crisis and prepare a child for long term success based on the child's unique needs.

IEP Solutions that Work

  • EXCLUSIVE online trainings and leadership experiences for parents, teachers and IEP teams to learn together.
  • An in-depth, hands-on Master IEP Coach ® mentorship, PLUS an active online + offline community network of special needs parents, special education teachers, and IEP teams.
  • All original Special Education tools for your toolbox that I created just for you with my 20+ years experience in developing collaborative special education solutions.

Results are Happening

  • Special Education outcomes for students are improving in areas such as academic achievement, increased inclusion, and job preparedness.
  • Less Conflict + More Results = better student experiences and results without unnecessary delays.
  • Master IEP Coaches (You can be one!) have created stable additional streams of income providing a much needed service in our special needs community using the trademarked curriculum inside of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship.

IEP Workshops for Parents + Teachers + IEP Teams

Onsite or Online - You choose!

Recent Impact:

  • Inclusion, Co-Teaching, Paraprofessional Training, KY & IL
  • Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network Conference, IL
  • Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte, NC
  • Down Syndrome Association of Indiana
  • Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands, NE
  • Down Syndrome Association of Arizona, AZ
  • TACA - Autism Conference, IL
  • DUP15q International Conference, IL, TX, CA
  • Reaching for the Stars, Washington Medical University, MO
  • AutismOne, IL
  • SPIN, IL Dist 203
  • Indian Prairie Special Needs PTA, IL Dist 204
  • Autism Society of IL
  • Inclusion Training for University - Ghana

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