3 C's from the Master IEP Coach® Conference! (Ep 116)

collaboration communication community consistency master iep coach network Feb 02, 2022

I am FIRED UP for Special Education!

I can't wait to share with you 3 takeaways from the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship and Leadership Conference! Lean in and listen to how this community can help you celebrate your wins, share your worries, and breakthrough your struggles!

Last week, we invited all our Master IEP Coaches®, both new and returning, to a week-long virtual conference to level up our game at the IEP table! Every day, members of our Network shared their stories, experiences, and best strategies related to our topics for the day with our attendees in an interactive video call. While one Coach was sharing about choosing the right IEP goals, another Coach was sharing tips about networking and building their client base. It was great to see so many awesome conversations and connections happening! Then, every night at 7pm, I went live to deep dive into all the different methods inside the Mentorship. And after reflecting on this experience over tha last few days, I found that these 3 C's really stood out as the most valuable takeaways. Let's check them out.

Being able to share common experiences of what's happening RIGHT NOW in Special Education with the people who are really living it was eye-opening. Both overcommunicating and lack of communication were clear issues we found through the conference. Whether communication happens through formal or informal methods, be it written or verbal, whether it's critical or congratulatory-- all of it is important! We have to do better with our teams!

There's a lack of consistency in special education that interferes with getting the job done correctly. We can't over-promise and under-deliver what we are capable of delivering to students; the same is true of parents being consistent at home. If that means we need to revisit our IEP goals and mandated services minutes, then do it! No matter your role on the IEP team, don't promise what you can't provide consistently.

Even though we were virtual, the connections found in the conference were INCREDIBLE! We had tears, we had celebrations, but most importantly, we had an entire group of people who understood exactly how hard it was to get there! I'm so proud of how collaborative and positive this community has become-- everyone is genuinely working to move special education forward TOGETHER! And I can't tell you how proud I am of our Master IEP Coaches®!


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[3:21] "We've had a communication breakdown AND communication overload!"
[6:58] "We may need to revisit what was originally written"
[13:05] "We just had the best IEP experience EVER."

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