3 IEP Wins You Need to Hear! (Ep 140)

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Let's share some IEP wins!

We're always talking in Special Education about all the struggles, all the overwhelm, all the exhaustion! But I have to share with you 3 WINS that have been happening inside the Master IEP Coach community over and over! These are the exact words coming from our Coaches and what is truly possible in Special Education. There's so much that we can do differently, so much that we can do better. It's not going to happen right away, but with consistency and collaboration, amazing things are possible!


Carolyn - "Always ask to put your Parent Input, Parent/Student Vision in your child(ren) IEP. It's never too late to add it. I learned from Module 1 and immediately messaged my daughter's EC teacher and asked her to add my statement after I corrected it. My daughter's old IEP had a statement that wasn’t appropriate because I never really knew what should be there. Module 1 really opened my eyes to that. If you are a parent and you had no idea about this statement and want to add one, let your IEP team know. As your child gets older this will also help them, as the student, to have input into their own IEP." 

How great is that?! We love seeing our Coaches have those Ah-Ha moments! 

Every IEP has a place for parent input. If that statement isn't reflective of what the parent's true concerns are, we've got to correct it so that the IEP is working toward further education, employment, and independent living. If the parent is worried about their child making authentic relationships as an adult with their peers, we need to make sure we're addressing those concerns early and often! 


Diana - "Huge win today as a mom and an advocate. My son attends an OOD (out of district) placement in a therapeutic school. Today we toured the vocational career school that he will be attending for half a day starting next year (10th) grade. He'll be studying computer networking and will have opportunities to achieve certifications in his chosen field, paid apprenticeship, job opportunities, and placement services after graduation. This would not have been possible if I hadn't been persistent and insistent! So many parents just don't know what amazing opportunities there are for our kids. Creative out of the box placements is my favorite thing about being a coach and it wouldn't have been possible without the Mentorship!" 😍😍😍😍😍 😍 😍 😍 

If you're struggling with figuring out what is possible, and you feel very limited in what is offered by your school district, there are creative solutions that can help you get the help and support you need! Never be afraid to look beyond what is being offered and get creative of the full continuum of placements. 


Sandy - "Great win today - Got an ESY denial not only overturned but with a customized service. A district Special Education teacher will come to her daycare 30 minutes per week to work with her for 5 weeks this summer. These things are possible, kids!" 

Extended School Year (ESY) is something we talk about a lot inside the Master IEP Coach community. It should be individualized and creative. Let's get services that are truly meaningful over the summer for our students! 


I hope that you take these three wins from Carolyn, Diana, and Sandy, and it gives you hope about what is possible in Special Education. An IEP is so much more than a piece of paper. It can truly help a child and a family have an entirely different future. 



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