3 Strategies to Conquer Overwhelm (Ep 112)

podcast special education special needs parenting stress time management Dec 29, 2021

Special Education Parents and Teachers... Change happens when we get ourselves together, but you can't do that if you are constantly overwhlemed. Work, home, friends, responsibilities-- it's a LOT!  Lean in and listen as I give you 3 strategies to conquer overwhelm in your life, one I did wrong this week, and how I'm getting back on track!

Create Buffers.
Let's talk about my meeting schedule. I ALWAYS leave at least 15 minutes between appointments. ALWAYS. This allows me some grace if a meeting runs long, if other poeple are running late, if I need to decompress-- there's time built in for me to get it done without rush. The same applies to soccer practice, ballet recitals, doctor appointments: leave extra space before and after for the unknowable.
So as you start filling up your planner, make sure to schedule time to breath.

Growth Mode and Transition Mode Don't Mix.
It is nearly impossible to be in a growth mode and a transition mode at the same time. Are you at a place in your life where you're taking on new projects, adding goals, and challenging yourself to be better? Great! Way to go! Keep pushing! Or are you in a state of flux right now? Maybe you're like me and sending your children off on their next big adventure. Maybe you're moving or starting a new job or at a place where you just do know what to expect next. That's great, too. Do what needs to get to done, take your time with this phase, and really settle into what life looks like now.

But trying to balance growth mode and transition mode together? YIKES!
Here's where I failed in the past 10 days. As I've said before, I just moved my youngest daughter across the country to live with her older sister. It's a big transition for all of us! At the same time, I'm working in Growth Mode on some really exciting behind the scenes things for Master IEP Coaches®. I'll be honest: it's frustrating to balance both these phases at the same time.

So here's my challenge for you: if you are in a season of transition, no matter how long, recognize that you need all your energy to maintain the status quo right now. You can always come back to your Growth Season when Transition is over. You have to stabilize your ground before you can build on that foundation.

Organize Your Priorities.
When you're in times of chaos and overwhelm, pick one thing to accomplish each day. One thing is manageable each day. Oh, you're done already? Wonderful! Let's move onto tomorrow's one thing. Organize your priorities by due date and evertually, you'll start to get ahead.

Here's a glance at today's episode...
[2:14] "This is for yourself... this is so you feel that you're having quality days."
[7:08] "Worst case scenario? You just got an extra 15 minutes... and those 15 minutes as a Special Education Parent or Teacher can be glorious!"
[14:29] "If you prioritize by due date, you start to get ahead"

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