ChatGPT Answers IEP Questions, but You Still Need Humans

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Have you heard of ChatGPT?
Watch it answer my IEP question! This is going to be a game changer in Special Education!

But you will still need humans you can trust to help you navigate the messy system. You can have all the Special Education information in the world and still feel lost.

I’ve been helping parents and teachers write IEPs that work in the real world for 25 years and I’m excited to add ChatGPT to my toolbox of resources… but that’s all it is. A tool. It does not replace experience or the human emotions that all factor in to building an appropriate IEP.

That’s exactly why inside of the Master IEP Coach®️ mentorship I’ll be helping current and future Master IEP Coaches®️ add ChatGPT to their toolbox, but they will also need to be a trusted resource for parents navigating the IEP system in a whole new way.

Master IEP Coaches®️ are the idea bringers, solution finders, and team builders, at the IEP table. We have an entire directory of independent Master IEP Coaches®️ parents can hire OR you can join us and YOU can become a Master IEP Coach®️ that others can trust to help them through the IEP system.

Now I’m curious… have you heard of ChatGPT?
What are your thoughts about it???



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