IEP Roadmap 2021

parenting special ed special needs specialedteacher Oct 05, 2020

Warning: The above video was recorded live. You're about to listen in on REAL conversations and questions from Special Education Teachers & Parents!

Truth: The cracks in Special Education became sinkholes in 2020, but 2021 can be so much better!

You just need an IEP Roadmap to get through this detour we're all on together.

Watch the video above and then join me in the Special Education Inner Circle to create your own personalized IEP Roadmap. 


P.S. YES! This is for ANYBODY who sits at an IEP table. Parents, you need an IEP Roadmap for your children. Teachers, you need one for your students. Come on in and become a Special Education Insider HERE

Write Better IEP Goals. Reduce IEP Conflict.

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