New Executive Functioning Skills with Mike McLeod (Ep 109)

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"Mom, where's my ______?"

Sound familiar?

Messy backpacks, hyperactivity, and daydreaming might be signs that your student needs to be taught more executive functioning skills. Students with ADHD or anxiety might be familiar with these services, but executive functioning skills aren't just associated with neatness and organization.  What was once thought to be motivated by external factors is now more commonly associated with the student's inability to hold an internal dialogue with themself,  where students can visualize and assess their needs and abilities.

Lean in and listen as Michael McLeod from @GrowNOWTherapy brings BOLD ideas and breaks down executive functioning into three core skills: Self-Regulation, Self-Motivation, and Self-Evaluation. Plus, we're talking all about updating your IEPs to reflect realistic language goals!

Here's what we're talking about in this episode...

  • [3:38] "executive functioning is really internal skills that are lacking."
  • [10:25] "it's all things we do in our brain really quickly, but kids with executive delays don't really have that internal dialogue"
  • [16:15] "if you have a child with significant language delays, yes, you are also going to see some delays in executive functioning because language is super important to vizualizing and verbalizing [needs]"
  • [21:10] "At the end of the day, the whole goal of an IEP is to no longer need the IEP"

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