Anything is Possible! (Ep 111)

disability iep preparation special needs home Dec 22, 2021

In the Special Education and disability communities, we have to remember, almost ANYTHING is possible!

Yes, we have data. Yes, we can make educated guesses about the future. But hear me when I tell you: predictions aren't set in stone! These things only give us guidance on the next steps to take in a child's IEP goals. Hard things can be possible with Hope & Determination. Always.

When it comes to your child, you're going to FIGHT, right Mom? I've talked about my daughter's complex medical history with seizures in previous episodes. We weren't given a hopeful outcome from her doctors, so I had to find strength and hope and support from a community that believed in what I was doing to support my daughter's recovery.

My brother who has Down syndrome was told by teachers that he would never read, that he would never be independent. Two weeks ago, he got a job at Panera!

Last week, my duaghter graduated from high school and moved to Florida! Look at what she's accomplished, despite their predictions.

It is so important to talk about what is possible, to find where the hope lives, to surround ourselves with like-minded people, and to get the tools and resources you need to help move things forward.


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Here's a glance at today's episode...

[2:47] "Nobody gave me that hope, so i had to go find [it] and I had to surround myself with people who believed in what I was doing to support my daughter"
[7:18] "that doesn't mean that we give up hope about the possibilities and the things that might just happen in the future"

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