Be Kind to Everyone with Jackie Moore (Ep 110)

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Be Kind to Everyone-- a simple message with a BIG impact.

What once started as a way to teach job skills to her daughter with Autism, quickly took off into a movement for Jackie and Jordyn Moore. @SummerShirtProject is showing what's possible when individuals with disabilities are given the proper modifications, support, and opportunities.

From IBM to Chick-fil-A, the Summer Shirt Project is having a major impact on how corporations and employers provide modifications and support for their team members with disabilities. I talk all the time about how we can update our old school habits in special education for shiny new school ways.

Jackie is doing the same thing for major corporations. Listen when she talks about building templates for Jordyn to package pens. Finding this creative solution gave Jordyn the independence to accomplish an important task for her business.

We need more people to have these high expectations of what is possible vs. what is the barrier based on how things have always been done. Teaching skills necessary for independent living is a MUST inside a child's IEP. Jackie mentions in the episode that when she shifted her thinking from fear to hope, that a whole new world of opportunities and possible successes opened up. Simple tasks like unloading the dishwasher was a WIN in her household. Celebrating these small wins built up Jordyn's confidence.

Here's a glance at this episode... 
[8:50] "it can only be done one way, but when you start thinking outside the box, you start thinking 'Who cares HOW it's done'"
[10:15] "That's where we were using our social media for good, for change"
[13:53] "I want to not only help students, but I want to help shift teacher mindsets... sometimes all you need to do is see another way of doing it and your mind starts racing."
[17:47] "We stopped thinking of everything she couldn't do... when we shifted from fear to hope, and we started creating new opportunities"

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