Be Good and Do More Work is a Strategy for IEP Disaster

iep special education special needs special needs parenting teachers Oct 07, 2020

Using Special Education services and IEPs to help students become just like the “other students” is a HUGE mistake that happens way too often in our Special Needs community.

This strategy simply doesn’t work because…

1. We are all unique and trying to do something the exact same way at the exact same time as other students the same age is NOT easy for anybody!

2. We are cheating students out of discovering their own strengths because trying to keep up all the time is stealing their focus and self-confidence.

3. Long term, in the real world, we all (hopefully) end up learning that when we step into our individuality, we succeed at levels nobody thought possible.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have grade-level expectations for a reference or some standardized assessments to track areas of strengths and weaknesses.

I am saying that if we focus on all the “standard” stuff, all the time, we simply get more behind, more discouraged, and then… we pile on more work.

More work for parents, students, and teachers.

So let’s step out of the standard, old-fashioned way of using Special Education to “keep up” and jump into a more meaningful way of preparing a child for life both inside and outside of the classroom, now and forever while addressing their weaknesses and recognizing their strengths.

Are you in? 

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