Creative Calming Strategy with Michael and Luce (Ep 139)

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Stress, anxiety, overwhelm... that's an understatement of what's happening in our school systems, especially in Special Education! 

That's exactly why I've brought Michael and Luce from Calm Strips to the Special Education Inner Circle podcast today! You might have recently seen Calm Strips on Shark Tank, but there's so much more to their story and we're here to share it! 

Luce's daughter has been on an IEP journey for a long time, struggling originally in reading, but thanks to Harry Potter and her IEP team, she's improving every day! Michael's son is on the Autism spectrum and also had a turbulent start to the IEP process, but is ultimately thankful for the process and the growth he's seen in his son already! 

We work really hard in the Master IEP Coach community to dispel the myths that surround the IEP process - it doesn't have to be scary or intimidating or problematic! In fact, when an IEP team is working together, it can be an awesome tool to help a child succeed in school! Calm Strips has been an amazing supporter of our Master IEP Coach mission to bring positive collaboration to Special Education! That's why we love to hand them out at our conferences and in our toolboxes! 

So how did Calm Strips come to be? The idea for sensory strips actually started as a habit for Michael, who used to wear a piece of carpenter tape around his finger to manage his fidgeting while working. Something so simple really resonated with their audience and they began to see how impactful this tool could be used in many different ways and for many different walks of life. For example, the body-focused behavior community reached out to Calm Strips expressing their gratitude for helping to manage their behaviors. 

Calm Strips are small, beautiful, and discreet which makes them the perfect trick for students who need fidget tools. And did I mention? They're SILENT! YES! It's perfect for the classroom environment! Luce mentions talking to some teachers about addressing sensory needs in the classroom with a piece of velcro under their desks. At first glance, great - we're helping. But in thinking about it again, Luce asks, "Why are we hiding the fact that one, or maybe all your students need this? It's okay to need something to help you!" Destigmatizing the fact that needing help, having help, and using tools to help you isn't bad. "It's great that we live in an age that invisible disabilities are getting the recognition that they deserve," says Luce. 

If you need help, ask for it. There are resources out there available to you there's no shame in asking for them. We're so thankful for the services Calm Strips is providing not only to the Master IEP Coach® community but to all of special education! 


Here's a glance at the episode... 

[5:55] "It's a tool, it's a growth and support plan. That's what we're looking to do: help each child be prepared for their future."

[11:27] "If we can make it any easier... let's do it!"

[19:02] "It's okay to need something to help you [learn]."


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