Crisis Schooling Special Education at Home - Tips for Parents

iep special education Apr 21, 2020

Special Education Crisis Schooling at Home for Parents
Schedule Space: You already know you and your child need breaks, but scheduling space in your day is critical. Leave OPEN space in your plan each day. Space for nothing. Space to put things back together when everything falls apart.
Schedule Check In Times: Set a reminder on your phone. Pick 3 times each day to check in with yourself and your children. How are you FEELING?
Set Up a Chill Zone: Make a place in your home where NO work is done for both you and your child. Think of it like a time out from the crisis. Only relaxing activities allowed.
Real Life Routines: Be intentional about using your real life routines to teach reading, math, following directions. Counting out cookies for a snack is more meaningful than a worksheet.
Build Independence: Accomplishing a skill independently vs needing maximum prompts is a HUGE milestone. Build as much independence as possible on skills that may have been considered "mastered", yet still require help.
Follow Your Instincts: You know your child best. Watching other families "crisis school" through the filter of social media can cloud your judgement. Always stay true to your child and your family's needs.
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