Determined Special Education Teacher Finds Clickworthy Solution

🖱️ In this episode of the Special Education Inner Circle podcast, Catherine interviews Parker, the inventor of the Hoglet - the world's first fidget computer mouse. Discover how a former tech professional turned special education teacher invented a much-needed assistive technology! 🚀

Key highlights:

  • Parker's journey from tech to teaching 📚
  • The classroom experience that sparked the Hoglet idea 💡
  • The thoughtful design process behind this innovative tool 🎨
  • Benefits for sensory-seeking students and those with ADHD 🤗
  • How to incorporate the Hoglet into IEPs as assistive technology 📝

Catherine shares valuable IEP tips and emphasizes the importance of documenting helpful tools. This conversation is a must-listen for parents and educators looking for creative solutions in special education! 🌟

Prepare to be inspired by how one educator's determination is making waves in the world of accessible learning. 🌊

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