EPIC Classroom Experiences for ALL

When I went to hear the author of this book, Tim Elmore, speak, I had no idea how much his perspective would resonate with me as I help teachers and parents build meaningful special education plans. I could write for days on the strategies inside this book, but I promise you, it's worth the read (get it on amazon here).

This is NOT a special education book. In fact, I rarely look to special education books to find inspiration for special education ideas. In my experience, the best IEP ideas come from the real world and then we tweak and modify, as needed, to help every child benefit.

I will share with you one of the biggest take aways from this book that I'm bringing to every teacher and parent I work with... Create EPIC experiences for children in every environment, as much as possible. This means checking your lessons & IEP goal work for...

E= Experience
What is the child's experience during this learning session?

P= Participation
How will they participate?

I= Images
What pictures will you use before during and after the lesson to help the content "stick".

C= Connection
How are students or students & teachers connecting during this activity.

Creating EPIC experiences is no longer negotiable in our fast paced, technology based, image rich environments.  It's no longer a hassle to create EPIC experiences... we have the tools at our finger tips.

Being intentional in creating EPIC experiences takes practice and effort, but the results are ASTOUNDING!

Think of when you last felt that AHA MOMENT with your child or your students... I bet if you thought back to the EPIC qualities of Experience, Participation, Images & Connection, you could check all the boxes that those things happened and everyone felt full during the lesson or event.

Piles of worksheets, dull IEP goals, dry lessons... they don't have to be the standard. You don't need permission to level up the classroom or IEP goal experience. Be intentional. BE EPIC.


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