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extraordinary parenting specialneeds Feb 12, 2019

Dear Special Needs Moms,

You've been to the support groups and you've researched for hours upon hours on how to make things better for your family.

You sit in the room, listening to other moms, the expert doctor or the IEP team and you think "there has to be more".

You go home to your family and there's still a little piece of you thinking "nobody gets us".

Until now... WE GET YOU!


You refuse to settle for yourself and your family, no matter how many labels or limitations others try to put on you.

You are determined to not live less fully just because you're a special needs family.

You just found your people, here, in the EXTRAORDINARY Moms Mastermind.

You don't have be isolated. You don't have to be broke. You don't have to miss out on building the life you've been dreaming of, but have been almost too afraid to share.

I grew up as a special needs sibling and became a special needs mom. I've broken the boundaries of "average" and built a life that makes moms say "WOW, how did you do that!". 

I'm going to show you how inside of the EXTRAORDINARY Moms Mastermind. 


I'm bringing you the best of the best resources, tools, actions steps, in a coaching and community setting that special needs mom have never had access to before... YOU DESERVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE with YOUR EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY. 

I'll show you how to get there and you're going to be AMAZED at the moms you're meeting inside of the EXTRAORDINARY Moms Mastermind!

I can't wait to meet you and help you remember who YOU are and get you moving towards the life you know is possible in heart.

See you on the inside.


Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed


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