Face It to Fix It in Special Education!

advcocacy iep iepcoach specialeducation Feb 26, 2019

Why can't Special Education be easier?!?!

I hear it at every one of my workshops from both parents and teachers. 

The truth is that most of the time Special Education struggles become 10x more intense because nobody wants to talk about the tough issues.

I mean, what teacher really wants to tell a parent that their classroom is not the right fit? (Parents... did you know that teachers often feel like their risking their job if they tell you this?)

What parent wants to go to a speech therapist and say "hey, I don't see any progress"? (Therapists, seriously, parents don't like complaining to you, promise.)

No matter what "side of the table" you are sitting on, issues are brewing. Concerns are growing. Tension is rising.

ACTION STEP: Take a moment this week (today!) and open up the conversation inside of your IEP team about ONE issue that has been keeping you up at night.

You don't have to tackle every issue, in every conversation.

Parents - maybe you need to finally send that email asking about what reading level your child is at and how you've been concerned because your child is not engaging with reading the way they used to.

Teachers - maybe you need to reach out to the parent who's child is a bit more energetic than before and you can't find the motivator to get the student engaged in learning. 

One conversation can change the entire dynamic of the rest of the school year. Face the struggle to fix the struggle. C'mon teams (yes, I mean parents + teachers)... we got this!

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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