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advocacy iep iep coach specialeducation Apr 22, 2019

Did you receive your full IEP agenda before your last meeting?

Parents, Teachers & Therapists... did you know what to expect when you walked into your last IEP meeting?

I've sat in on over a thousand IEP meetings in the past decade and one thing I can tell you for certain, there is no "standard" IEP format for meetings. 

Every school, every district, every state will run their meetings just a little bit different.

This can be intimidating or confusing to ANYONE at the IEP table!

It's time to eliminate UNNECESSARY stress at your next IEP meeting.

Ask for an IEP meeting agenda.

No matter what your role is on the IEP team, you should know what is being talked about and in what order, when you show up to the IEP table.

We can't serve children well if we aren't all aware of what is happening BEFORE we sit down at the table.

IEP Truth: There's no law that says there needs to be an agenda. There's no rule that says everyone needs to know what is happening before the meeting. You can't force anyone to make this happen, but you can make the request. As a parent, you can email the team topics you need on the agenda. School team, you can work together to make an agenda available for everyone to get on the same page.

Just because there is no law or rule saying it doesn't HAVE to happen, doesn't mean that it can't happen. 


It's little steps like making an agenda and sharing with the FULL IEP team that make HUGE differences for the student.

Make it happen.

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed.
Master IEP Coach Mentorship & Online IEP Help Center, Founder

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