IEP Coach Life... I love it!

advocacy coach May 11, 2018

Mentoring IEP Coaches is EXCITING! Knowing that IEPs across the country are going to be changed by people (like you) who want to dig in and work with IEP teams, while keeping the child first makes my heart full.

One of the first questions I get when someone is considering Becoming and IEP Coach is... what will I do all day?

Let me share that you will never lack for things to do. It will be up to you how busy you want to be. How many families you want to help. How many IEP coffee talks you want to host... its YOUR practice. You design your days for what works for you.

Here's a little of what works for me...

  1. I start my day with coffee... I actually didn't begin my coffee habit until my 30's, but my warm mug, my planner, and starting my day with intention is a MUST for me now!

  2. IEP Reviews - going over IEP documents parents have sent to me along with the parent telling me their top 3 concerns for their child's education. I'm reading and taking notes on how we can use their child's IEP document to address the top 3 concerns that are causing my client to lose sleep.  We spend 50% of our mentorship together learning how to walk through IEPs and helping families get to their desired long term and short term outcomes.

  3. Answering Emails - From new client inquiries to follow ups with current clients, I'm answering questions. I'll teach you how to respond to clients, write IEP advocacy letters and help more families from the comfort of your home (or coffee shop!).

  4. Social Media & Marketing - I can't help people if they don't know I exist! During the mentorship I teach you how to build your own special needs community through social media, without sitting on FB and IG all day.

Attending IEP meetings, hosting IEP coffee talks in my local area and online, and mentoring new IEP coaches are always on my calendar too.

Over the past 20 years I've learned how to not only build my practice, coach 100's of families every year, and help others BE the IEP Coach their community needs, BUT WE ALSO HAVE FUN!  Our IEP Coach community has more positive vibes while working together changing IEPs than I've ever seen anywhere in special education!


Be Positive. We got this.

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Become an IEP Coach, Founder

P.S. No, you don't need letters after your name or a certification to be an IEP Coach. You need to be willing to learn, ready to dig in and have a heart that knows every child can learn. LEARN MORE


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