Jul 14, 2019

Master IEP Coach registration is open for a LIMITED TIME with EARLY BIRD bonuses, just for you!


After whirlwind weekend with Master IEP Coaches flying into Chicago for our FIRST EVER LIVE Mastermind... I had to give you the chance to get in on the fun and awesomeness of working together to change special education!

Important Things to Know:

  • The Master IEP Coach Mentorship is 100% Online, you can learn at your own pace and you don't need a degree to get started.

  • Registration will close in 48 hours and the Early Bird bonuses will be gone! You have to click this link to get all the good stuff, including swag! 

  • Master IEP Coaches are special needs parents, teachers, therapists and team members who want to learn how to build better IEPs, help people in their own community, work from home, and believe that special education struggles can be solved without fighting. (I'll teach you how!)


LIFETIME Access to over $700 of BONUS IEP trainings, including IEP Goal Writing, Creating Parent Input Statements & More!

PRIVATE EVENT INVITE, includes an invitation to join the Master IEP Coach Network + referral directory & access to our LIVE Master IEP Coach Mastermind in Chicago in July 2020!


✅ Master IEP Coach Swag 

✅  Immediate access to the special education checklist toolkit + videos.

✅ Exclusive access to our ONLINE Back to School party with giveaways & strategies you NEED for a smooth start to the school year!

Have you ever seen happier faces in Special Education? We had a room full of sparkles, balloons and Special Education STRATEGIES that work... and you can be here too!

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👇🏻Special Needs Moms... you can feel just like Courtney, check this out!  

And  if you're a teacher or therapist, I know you went into Special Education with your heart ready to give everything (I did!), but sometimes it's tough and you feel drained... you deserve to be around people who get it and can refuel you!

Got questions? Just email [email protected] and ask... I don't want you to miss out. 

EARLY BIRD bonuses are available for only 48 hours! 

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I can't wait to work with you!

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Master IEP Coach Mentorship, Founder

P.S. I couldn't resist sharing another pic of our Master IEP Coaches that were here in Chicago this weekend. They've been working together online for YEARS and they finally got to meet, collaborate, business build and have awesome action plans to help their community. I'm still in awe at the level of positivity in special education that exploded this weekend!

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