Is This YOUR Special Education Journey?

advocacy iepcoach specialeducation Jan 23, 2019

This is it. The LAST week to sign up to be an IEP Coach for the January Mentorship. Before you scroll on by this email and think this isn't you... Wait! You have to see who is already IN the IEP Coach Mentorship... 

"Hi everyone!  I am the mom of 4! My oldest has ADHD, ASD and anxiety. Last fall we went through a horribly traumatic experience with our school district. I felt lucky because I had a family member to walk me through the process and I have a back ground in special education, but what do other parents do? So here I am, becoming an IEP COACH! I’ve been helping other parents for about a year now just based on what I have learned on my own. I’m excited to take it to the next step!"

"HI! I have two of the best kids! My youngest has Down syndrome. I have been fighting the system for most of the 15 years wanting the best education for my daughter. Don’t we all? I was so happy when I came across Catherine’s website. I live an hour from a big town, so our school is small you could understand the lack of services we have. She is so far behind her peers. I can’t wait to get started on this class. Looking forward to having better IEP meetings."

"Hi Everyone! I've worked with special needs children almost all of my career, and was lucky enough to have a son who has a unique set of challenges! I have two boys and we live in a great school district for typical students, but needs some help for special ed! I've been coaching and helping parents for the last 5 years, and decided why not make it official? I can't wait to learn more and find strategies to help parents navigate this ever-changing world that is special education!"

"Hi Everyone, I have recently retired from being a Special Education Teacher for the last 20 yrs. I have been advocating for the students in my district but couldn’t continue to listen to the false information being pushed on the parents. I would like to become an IEP Coach to be able to talk to the parents and let them know what can be done to meet their child’s needs"


***Special Needs Parents in your community need help navigating the IEP process.This does not mean that you need to know the answers to everything, but you do need to know how to find the answers when they are needed.*** 


When you join the Become an IEP Coach Mentorship to learn how to work at home helping special needs families get the BEST IEPs possible, you're going to get the ENTIRE IEP COACH MENTORSHIP... 


  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to IEP Goal Writing for Parents & Providers ($47)
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to IEP Advocacy for Parents & Providers ($77)
  • ALL ACCESS to the ALL NEW 2019 Online class for Creating Your EXTRAORDINARY Life Plan ($97)


  • ALL NEW Social Media tools to help you connect with families online
  • ACCESS to the IEP Coach classes for a LIFETIME
  • LIVE Coaching (online) with me for 6 full weeks


  1. The entire IEP Coach Mentorship is ONLINE - you only need a smart phone, tablet or computer to get EVERYTHING.

  2. The IEP Coach Mentorship works for all states - I've been coaching nationwide for over 20 years, I'll show you how.

  3. No matter how busy you are, you'll be able to access EVERYTHING. I record every single minute of every single lesson so it fits into your schedule. 

  4. You don't need a degree in special education, BUT you do NEED to have an extreme passion for all students of all ability levels to get an education that is meaningful for their future.


To get ALL the bonuses listed above, you MUST enroll to be an IEP COACH by NOON on SUNDAY (1/27). NO EXCEPTIONS.


I can't wait to help you Become an IEP Coach in 2019!

With Hope & Determinations Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Become an IEP Coach & IEP Help Center, Founder
Certified Special Education Teacher
Special Needs Sibling & Mom

P.S. If you skipped to bottom so you could get to the good stuff - here you go, ENROLL at this link to Become an IEP Coach and get all the EXTRA BONUSES listed above.  Deadline is 1/27. Get it all HERE.

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