Mamma Bears & IEPs

I love this pic of Berny & her mamma bear mug! She recently finished the IEP Coach mentorship and is helping special needs parents in her community. Find out how, here.

Raise your hand if you've ever felt your "mamma bear" instincts when you've been sitting at an IEP meeting!

A little secret... I know teachers and therapists feel that way too. They take the responsibility of their students seriously and often get protective during IEP discussions.  

I know because I was a teacher and I am a mom. It happens in both situations. I see it everyday when I'm helping parents and schools. 

When a district or a parent brings me into an IEP "situation", it's usually because many of the team members are in "mamma bear" mode. 

If you find yourself stuck in an IEP conversation that seems to be going nowhere, try this: 

  • Write down the end result that you are looking for, such as, "more inclusion time".
  • Write down 3 ways that more inclusion could be achieved.
  • Write down everyone that would need to be involved to make the plan happen.
  • Bring the multiple solutions to your most trusted team member

Hint: Teachers & Team members, you can use this same strategy with parents. They love it!

These steps eliminate the confusion of what a team or parent is requesting and how the desired outcome may be achieved.

These strategies (and more!) are exactly what I teach inside the IEP Coach mentorship. Join the mentorship and get everything you need to open your own IEP Coaching practice, work from home and help parents navigate the special education system!  


With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Founder, Master IEP Coach Mentorship & Online IEP Help Center for Parents