Run Mama! Go observe your kid in class + have an equal voice on the IEP team!

This morning the conversation on FB all started with "how can I go observe my child in class, if the team says no" and then this happened...

We started talking about how we can help general education teachers read IEPs.

Then we couldn't help it, we jumped into talking about medical dx vs educational eligibility.

Master IEP Coaches were jumping on and helping parents in the comments while I was talking. Because that's just who they are... they are the ones making their coffee, while packing lunches, while answering IEP questions.

Then it happened... I cried. If you know me at all you know, I'm not a crier. Tears don't just flow for me. Sappy movies, weddings, none of it triggers me, BUT... when I think of the Master IEP Coaches who have finished the mentorship, who are helping families across the nation, who flew in to Chicago last summer for a mastermind day, who are dedicating their CAREERS to changing special education - break out the kleenex. I'm a mess. 

Listen in above and get golden nuggets of IEP strategies. If you love the simple and effective steps I'm sharing, it's time for you to jump into the Master IEP Coach mentorship. This is where your people are at who "get you", won't let you fail and will help you stand back up when you fall. They are your fellow Master IEP Coaches.