[Audio] Podcast: IEP Remote Learning vs Homebound vs Homeschooling

homebound homeschooling iep remote learning special education special needs Aug 14, 2020

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Homeschooling vs Homebound vs Remote Learning. Three very different terms and decisions.



If you choose homeschooling, anything your district provides for you is a bonus



Homebound is a placement listed on the IEP that distinguishes your child will receive their IEP services at home. Commonly used for children who have long term illnesses.



Homebound services are a reduced number of services. Example: State of IL only requires 5 hours per week for a certified teacher to work with a child. You must negotiate for more, if appropriate.



Remote Learning - a plan put in place due to the current pandemic.



Often homebound services are reduced, but because it is 1:1 services vs one to many, much more can be accomplished.



When homeschooling you get to control all of the curriculum and goals. Your state homeschooling laws govern your child’s education.



Homebound plans are still very much a team decision for what a child is working on in all areas.



We need to get creative in remote learning plans and adjust curriculum, activities and data collection, as needed.


Just because you make a choice on homeschooling, homebound or remote learning now, doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it long term.



You can make the best decision possible at this time and there’s no shame in changing your mind.

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