So Many Lessons to be Learned about Special Education Thanks to 2020!



So many lessons to be learned about Special Education thanks to 2020!

1. The technology gap between general education is beyond what anyone realized. There are students in Special Education who still do not have access to virtual learning tools in the same way as their same age peers. I'm not talking about a student not having the ability to use the tools... I'm talking about no tools to even try to use.

2. We have definitely seen the need for more collaboration between home and school. Teachers have been able to literally see inside of a family's life and I hope they see the value of what a family has to offer at the IEP table. If a parent is showing up to the IEP meeting. Listen, with your full attention. They know things that you simply can't know. Oh, and parents, I hope you see that teachers are trying... even when school is "normal" there's a HIGH chance that the school hasn't given them the tools or training to do what is listed in the IEP. In 2021 you can advocate for teachers just as much as you can advocate for your children.

3. I'm dreaming of the day that we are not only back at school full time across the country, but that children of all ability levels are accessing an appropriate education.

Ok, I'm really not just dreaming about that day of an appropriate and equal education... I'm working on making it happen.

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