In Special Ed Someone Will Always be Disappointed in Your Choices

Raise your hand if you're a people pleaser and you feel like you're constantly trying to keep everyone happy while you do what's right.

Spoiler alert - It's not possible.

Someone is always going to be disappointed in your choices.

You have to go to bed at night knowing you did what's right for your child or your students without worrying about someone else (who probably doesn't even know the whole situation) being unhappy with your choice.

Write the IEP goals that will make the biggest difference for a child, even when other professionals roll their eyes.

Pick the placement that's most appropriate, even when it goes against mainstream thinking.

Support each other in the toughest decisions, even when the Special Education community wants to push parents and teachers against each other.

Together we can and we will change special education forever and we will definitely be disappointing a lot of people along the way... that's a good thing. That's how we know we are doing things different!


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