Spilled Kindness

Right after this pic, I dropped my vanilla lavender latte and just stood there looking at it splashed all over my shoes and the sidewalk.

My first thought was “ugh, I can’t believe I wasted my money”. (I’ve always been frugal.)

My second thought was “The barista told me to have an awesome Monday. Well, that’s not happening”. 

My third thought was “I’m not going to let this ruin my day and start my week off wrong. I’m going back inside and I’m ordering another one.” (Pssst... this should’ve been my first thought, not third.)

I returned to the coffee shop and the barista had already seen what happened. He had my second drink almost ready by the time he asked me “did you have a little spill”.

His kindness of helping me through a little bump in my Monday turned my entire day around. Kindness is a superpower.

I thanked him several times, probably too many times. (Awkward!) I bet he still has know idea how one replacement latte changed a busy, working, special needs mom/sibling’s entire week, by simply anticipating what I needed and making it happen with joy. That’s unheard for most of us in the special needs community. 

Now let’s see what can be conquered this week. I’m a warrior mom fueled with caffeine and kindness. Anything is possible.


Share the Joy: Do you know a special needs mom, teacher or therapist who needs a sparkle of kindness? (Yes! We all do!) Today, send an email of thanks, maybe even a $5 coffee gift card and make sure they know they are appreciated!