3 IEP Questions Answered (Ep 157)

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What if FBAs and BIPs are feeling like the same thing over and over without big results?

What if you find another child’s name in the IEP?

What should parents ask during a classroom or special education program tour?

Get answers to these 3 questions on this episode of the Special Education Inner Circle podcast!

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Transcript Summary:

Our Master IEP Coach® community is busy solving IEP struggles. Master IEP Coaches® are the idea bringers, solution finders, and team builders at the IEP table.  I'm going to share with you three questions and answers that are happening right now inside of our Master IEP Coach® community. 

This morning I woke up to a question from one of our coaches. She's been doing this a long time and she has a full client list. In fact, she has a waitlist most of the time, and she is typically helping families who have children with behavior plans. 


This is what she writes this morning: I am drowning in FBAs and behavior plans. Every single one is the same. I swear I could cut one kid's name out and paste in another and it would still be accurate. It seems like these plans are just scratching the surface and sticking a bandaid on it. I'd love some inspiration or tips to push the standard form type of assessments and behavior plans into something that is actually gonna make a difference. And I know teachers and therapists and admin are feeling the same burnout. There has to be something better. 

She's feeling the same thing that probably a lot of you are feeling too. It often feels like we're doing the same things over and over and over. We have the standard process, especially when it comes to functional behavior assessments or behavior intervention plans. And this Master IEP Coach® needs to spice things up here and make sure that we are individualizing things, that we're looking outside the box.


I've been doing these over and over and over, and it's the same conversations. So what can I do? So the first thing that I mentioned to her this morning is to go back and look at the podcast episode from last week. So I reviewed two different books talking about behavior, and one of them really focuses on the family and how to write a vision statement when it comes to a functional behavior assessment. That's something different that most of you have probably never heard of. We talk about parent vision statements all the time in our Master IEP Coach® community, and we use a specific format to make sure that parents are equal members of the IEP team in a way that they're collaborating and building the bigger picture. And we can do that with behavior plans too. The book is called Helping Your Family Thrive.


And if you're like, Yes, I I need some of this inspiration too, just go back to the podcast episode right before this one and you'll get links and there's discount codes and there's another book there that talks a little bit heavier about data. 

Before our next questions, I do have to throw in a couple of wins. I’ve got to give a shout-out to a teacher who is a Master IEP Coach®.. She works full-time in the system and she also wants to start helping people outside of her current role in the classroom. And she says: Hi everyone, I have an interesting situation.


She hasn't even started really sharing that she's a Master IEP Coach® and she's going to help people outside of the system. But she already has an email from a parent who has said: Could you help me write these IEP goals for my child and how much do you charge? So this teacher and Master IEP Coach® is extremely skilled at writing IEP goals and she's going to be able to help this parent really get back some hours of sleep and stop googling. The parent will feel relieved to have a teacher consulting and being that person that can be her trusted advisor because sometimes it's hard to build trust on an IEP team. It's absolutely possible, but building that trust can be difficult, you know, we're all coming to the IEP table with some baggage, right?


We've all had some situations that maybe have not been so good. So bringing in a Master IEP Coach so you can sleep better at night… That's an amazing thing. 

We have another master IEP coach who is a therapist, and she just said: I just opened up my Facebook messenger and I got my first message from my nonfriend and she wants to become a client. The Master IEP Coach® hasn't even finished module four of the mentorship. 

The Master IEP Coach mentorship has four modules and then we also have advanced monthly coaching that happens. So she hasn't even finished the full course and she's got somebody saying “can you help me?”


I just want to encourage you that if you have ever thought about helping people through the special education system, becoming a Master IEP Coach® is a great option. And if you are struggling because you're making a lot of decisions on your own, whether you're a teacher admin, parent therapist, and you're like, I just need to get surrounded by other people, or if you're just thinking, “I want to hire somebody to work one on one”,  we actually have a directory. 

Question number two, We have a Master IEP coach who's a little bit newer to our community, she has taken the course, and she's even come to one of our live conferences.


She says: I'm reading a pre-K evaluation where they used the wrong child's name the majority of the way through the report.  YIKES!

Answer: If we don’t fix this, there's always going to be doubt in the parent's mind and there's gonna be that lack of trust, and that's not okay. Listen to the episode above to find out how to fix the problem if your IEP has the wrong name in it… this is fixable!


Our last Master IEP Coach® question: Does anyone have a tool that they share with the families who they're working with, that they give to the family as they go visit other programs and classrooms within the district? Something to help them think through the visit. I have a client who will be seeing two different programs along the full continuum of placements, and I would love to give them something they can take with them so that the visit is more productive. 

I got to answer that one and say, YES, you have access to that tool in module three of the Master IEP Coach® mentorship.


Listen to the full episode above to hear more about the checklist, 3 things to look for, and how you can get access to Master IEP Coach® tools to use for yourself!


  • Why you need to look at what is on the walls and the teacher’s desk in a classroom. (Teachers we aren’t judging!)
  • How to ask about inclusion.
  • Why you need to ask about a research-based curriculum.


So again, I hope that this helped you see what's happening in special education right now. And if you’re ready to learn more about how you can ask questions, get answers and get connected to trained Master IEP Coaches®, go here.

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