Finding the Upside in Special Education

iep special education Jul 26, 2019

If I asked you to tell me 3 things you don't like in Special Education, I bet you could tell me immediately what's been on your mind. Especially with back to school season right around the corner (ok, it's actually here for some). You're probably even losing sleep over school schedules, support services, safety, IEP goals and so much more.

Whether you're a parent, teacher, therapist or admin, the negative in special education is super easy to find. 

So let's flip things, for just a minute. Can you tell me ONE thing you love about Special Education. Yep. Just one. C'mon, you can do it. I'm serious, you can send me an email right here and I'm going to read it and smile and know that you are the exception to the rule.

You are the person who knows the solution for special education being all that we need it to be for kids isn't hiding inside of a negative Facebook group. You know that the strategies we need to create aren't built over a venting session on a group chat. And you definitely know that burning bridges and throwing people under the bus isn't the way to get to where you really need to be for the child. 

If you're struggling to find the positive people in special education - start here, inside the Special Education Inner Circle.  If you sit at an IEP table, no matter what your role is, you are welcome. Special Education Insiders are changing the future of special education with positive waves of change. If you're tired of all the exhaustion that comes along with the IEP process, this is where you belong. 

I promise you, you are not alone if you see the hope in special education. There are thousands of parents & teachers just like you, working fiercely behind the scenes to build programs together. To write IEPs together. To create resources together. To provide a better future for all children... together. 

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