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THERE IS HOPE for Special Education

You Can Create Better IEP Results

Learn Master IEP Coach® Methods to :

  • Reduce Conflict Before, During and After the IEP Meeting
  • Write IEP Goals that Prepare a Child for the Real World
  • Hear YES at the IEP Table More Than Ever Before
  • Build Inclusion Plans that Create True Connections
  • Get Rid of the "Us vs Them" Mentality at the IEP Table

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

At your Special Education Mastermind day with the Master IEP Coach® Community,  you’ll learn how to finally find the resources, connections, and proven methods you need to see results in Special Education.

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When You Join Us at a Special Education Mastermind day, You Can Finally…

  • Stop Worrying If You Made the Right IEP Decisions
  • Have the Confidence to Speak Up and Share Creative IEP Strategies
  • Learn from Nationwide IEP Experts

A well-written and well-executed IEP can change a child's future.

We'll cover it all during your Special Education Mastermind day with the Master IEP Coach® Community.


Special Education Mastermind Days with Master IEP Coaches®

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Are You Ready to Stop Losing Sleep Over IEPs?

This one day Special Education Mastermind experience will connect you with everything you need to stop worrying about if you're doing this IEP thing "right". 

You'll finally be able to get out of the drama-filled Facebook groups and close your laptop lid instead of googling IEP solutions at 3am.

It's time for you to...

  • Learn from Parents, Teachers, Admins, and Therapists who have decades of IEP Experience.
  • Build Your own Customized Master IEP Coach® Toolbox that you can use over and over for years to come.
  • Find the people and the processes you've been looking for to help you through IEP decisions.

In just one day, you could save yourself from unnecessary struggles through the Special Education system, forever.

What's Included In Your
Special Education Mastermind Day...

Morning Agenda

IEP Leadership 

You'll be guided through proven Master IEP Coach® Methods, including:

  • Advanced IEP Writing 
  • IEP Meeting Makeovers - Your IEP meetings will never be the same! 
  • Learn to Build IEP Goals for the REAL WORLD

You’ll have the confidence it takes to achieve success as a leader at the IEP table. 

Afternoon Agenda

No Fail IEP Strategies

With your confidence high from the morning, you'll be ready to soak in new methods for IEP success. In the afternoon, you’ll learn:

  • Navigating Disagreements and Disappointments
  • Overcoming Staff Shortages and Lacking Resources
  • Building Inclusion Plans for All

You’ll finish the day with answers to your most burning IEP questions.

Bonus Experience

1:1 Consult with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

The secret sauce to walking away with confidence is getting answers to your specific IEP questions:

  • If you are a parent, Catherine will help you dive deep into your child's IEP
  • If you are a teacher, therapist, or admin, Catherine will help you find solutions to your most pressing problems

Got a follow-up IEP question after your one-on-one time with Catherine? She'll give you her personal email and you can ask her anything for 24 hours after your Mastermind day!

Take Home

Resources & Relationships

Special Education often feels like a lonely island with a lack of community and resources. By the end of your Special Education Mastermind day, you will:

  • Create Your Own Master IEP Coach® Toolbox to Take Home
  • Have New Relationships and Resources You Never Knew About Before
  • Never have to do Special Education alone again

You’ll finish the day with a clear plan of what you need to do next in your role at the IEP table and you'll have the support to make it happen!

A Special Education Mastermind Day Is Right For You If...

  • You spend a ridiculous amount of time googling answers to your IEP questions
  • Your friends and family just don't get why you're so stressed out about IEPs
  • You've read all the books, watched all the YouTube videos, and lurked in all the Facebook groups, but you still feel unsettled everytime you sit down at an IEP table.

We're Your Master IEP Coach Community!


Founded by Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, Master IEP Coach® is the ONLY Special Education training community that includes EVERYONE at the IEP table.

ALL Master IEP Coach® programs are designed for parents, teachers, admins, and therapists to learn TOGETHER.

With over 25 years of experience professionally in Special Education and being a special needs sibling, Catherine has been training parents and teachers internationally with the perspective of all side of the IEP table.

We can't wait to meet you!

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Special Education Mastermind
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Training Days are 9am - 3pm. This is NOT your typical IEP training. Special Education Mastermind days with Master IEP Coach® are small events, with IEP experts, that allow YOU to get exactly what YOU need to stop struggling through the Special Education System.


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