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You've googled IEP resources, read the books, took the IEP trainings, but what you REALLY want is to talk with someone directly about YOUR IEP struggles... you're in the right place!


Special Education Parents, Teachers, Therapists, and Admins

I've seen you agonize over IEP goals, run on endless refills of coffee to get an IEP "just right", and I've even caught a glimpse of many of your fellow IEP team members crying tears of frustration and overwhelm.

If you've personally done any of those things, then it's time for you to get surrounded by people who 100% understand your IEP struggle AND have solutions.

We can't wait to meet you!

Inside of the Special Education Inner Circle we LOVE helping you find Special Education Solutions that work in the REAL WORLD!

For over 25 years, I've been traveling the country working with parents and school teams to build better IEPs, get out of crisis, and answer questions about all things IEPs.

I'm a certified Special Education Teacher, founder of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship, and the host of the Special Education Inner Circle Podcast.

I can't hop on a plane to get to every district to help parents and teachers, but the Special Education Inner Circle MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS is the next best thing!

  • Every month you and I are going to meet up for coffee on zoom with your fellow Special Education Inner Circle Members and have the best IEP strategy + Q&A meeting!
  • I know a LOT of AWESOME Special Education experts. The kind that would cost you hundreds of dollars just to get on the phone. I'm bringing you one of my connections every month so you can learn ADVANCED Special Education Strategies!
  • I know life is busy... everything is recorded and you get a ton of IEP resources you can watch and download anytime you need them... on YOUR schedule.

I truly hope to see you at our Special Education Inner Circle Members Only events!

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

P.S. The Members Only area is for Parents, Teachers, Therapists and Admins. In other words, if you sit at an IEP table, you BELONG here!

Can you imagine...

  • Building an IEP that works in the Real World to prepare a child for their future.
  • Learning how to truly include a child in their school community from the moment they step foot on schools grounds until the second they leave for the day.
  • Having all the data you need to make amazing IEP decisions for a child to be as independent as possible. 
  • Having direct access to Special Education experts that are ready to answer YOUR questions, without you even leaving the house or scheduling an expensive consultation.

As a Special Education Insider, you will save hours of time and tears by getting LIVE IEP HELP inside of our TWO monthly IEP Expert sessions!

You'll discover special education solutions you've never seen before.

Special Education Inner Circle Members spark their teachers & IEP teams to stop writing IEP goals for the 1980's and finally get on the same page, together!

You'll be the go-getter who knows how to build an educational experience without unnecessary conflict that we see ALL the time in Special Education.

  • LIVE Online Access to Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed and Master IEP Coaches® EVERY month.
  • REAL TIME Access to Special Education GUEST Experts EVERY Month.
  • Facebook Group to Brainstorm with POSITIVE parents, teachers, therapists, and admins. Fully monitored to make sure there is NO DRAMA.
  • Replays of ALL events to watch anywhere, anytime!
  • Extensive On-Demand IEP Resource library of trainings and tools for EVERY member of the IEP team.
  • Professional Development Certificates - Perfect for ALL IEP team members to Download and Keep Track of Everything You are Learning!
One Month Access ONLY (You only want access for 30 days)
BEST VALUE! Annual Membership - 12 Full Months!

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YES! You can finally get the IEP help you need, when you need it most!

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed and her expert colleagues have sat at thousands of IEP tables, covered in coffee cups and laptops, helping parents and teachers build IEPs that work in the real world.

Catherine has been guiding teams for 25 years to think outside the box and get rid of old habits at the IEP table.

There are tens of thousands of dollars worth of education being left on the table every day because parents and teachers struggle with what to ask for and how to get to a YES from the district.

Her inbox and DMs are overflowing with parents and teachers who are tired of playing games in Special Education.

If you're done feeling defeated after every IEP meeting and want to finally walk out of the room with your head held high knowing in your gut you just built an awesome IEP for a child who needs to start making real progress at school.

We can help you get there inside of the Special Education Inner Circle MEMBERS ONLY RESOURCES AND EVENTS!


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The Best of the Best Special Education Strategies!

It's time to go beyond what you're finding on google at 3am when you're stressed out about the next IEP meeting.

Immediately, when you join the Special Education Inner Circle membership, you will have access to:

  • Children's Mental Health with Dr. Roseann
  • Using video games and tech to reach speech goals with Dr. Erik
  • Language Based Learning Disabilities with Dr. Franklin
  • School based assessments and evaluations with Charm Mosley
  • Catherine's personal IEP tools and strategies that she has been using for DECADES and they still work like a charm to build a MEANINGFUL IEP!