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Let's Change Special Education Together!

July 8th-10th, Milwaukee, WI

Can You Imagine...

You can become a Master IEP Coach® in just one weekend!

At your next IEP meeting, while squished into a room over-filled with laptops, IEP papers, and coffee cups, you will NOT be agonizing over IEP decisions!

Instead, before the meeting, everyone on the IEP team will have worked together to share data and create a draft IEP.  During the meeting, the conversations will stay calm and collaborative. After the meeting, you'll sleep well knowing you've done your best at the IEP table.


Become the Idea Bringer, Solution Finder, and Team Builder at the IEP table. 

 You've read all the books and joined all the support groups, but you are ready for more. You want to know everything about IEPs and then help other parents so they never feel like you did in the beginning!

Teachers, You want to do what's best for your students, but you always feel like you're on a tightrope trying to balance what your students need, what the district wants from you, and building relationships with parents. You want all the skills to build better IEPs and you want to help your colleagues and parents, too!

How to Become a Master IEP Coach® 


A group of Master IEP Coaches® talk with one another at a table.

Step One

Register to Join Us in Milwaukee. You'll get immediate access to the complete online Master IEP Coach® Mentorship Course, PLUS 3 days of learning in person!

Two Master IEP Coaches® work together at a desk with a laptop computer.

Step Two

Dive into your online lessons to prep for your 3 days in Milwaukee and join us in our online community for Milwaukee attendees only. You'll get to know your fellow Master IEP Coaches® before you even arrive!

Group of Master IEP Coaches® working together on a project.

Step Three

Decide your next step as a Master IEP Coach®. If you want to get paid for your IEP expertise, we'll show you options that even allow you to keep your day job and help others with your new IEP skills!

Register Now

If you're DONE being EXHAUSTED from the IEP process and you want to help yourself and others...

You're Ready to Become a Master IEP Coach®!

Here's how the VIP IEP Training Weekend breaks down:

DAY ONE, Friday, July 8th

Foundations + Futures

Arrive in the morning, grab lunch on your own and meet us at 1 pm to get started!

  • For NEW Master IEP Coaches® - Bust out your IEPs and experience a full hands-on IEP workshop with Master IEP Coach® founder, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
  • Learn to create IEP Goals for the REAL WORLD - Feel confident in deleting old IEP goals and reaching high with new ones.
  • Dismantle Myths of Special Education - Finally know what's right and wrong when building individualized IEPs
  • If you've attended a Master IEP Coach® Conference before - Today is your day to work at an advanced level to reach your goals as a Master IEP Coach®. This may mean developing advanced skills as a classroom teacher or building your outreach plan to help more families in your community as a Master IEP Coach®.
  • BONUS Learning Session with Kristen from Sweet Abilities - Sponsored by n2y
  • We'll walk together to the Milwaukee Public Market at 4pm for more surprises! 
DAY TWO, Saturday, July 9th 

No-Fail IEP Strategies

Deep dive into real world solutions for building trust on your IEP team, even through the toughest situations...

  • Navigating Disagreements and Disappointments - Parents, teachers, admins, therapists and yes, even students will experience tough times inside of the Special Education system. Learn key actions you can take to lessen the long-term negative impact.
  • No-Fail IEP Actions-  Guaranteeing success seems almost impossible in Special Education, but we can't wait to give you No-Fail Strategies you can apply immediately with your IEP team.
  • Mastery Sessions with Master IEP Coaches® - Get ready to learn advanced IEP strategies from your fellow Master IEP Coaches®!
  • Bonus Learning Session with Candace, Founder of Able Academy - Sponsored by Calm Strips
  • Bonus Learning Session with Kelly, Founder of Alexader Leigh Center for Autism - Sponsored by Goally
BONUS Field Trip!

Cruise on Lake Michigan

Get off the lonely island of Special Education Struggles with a tacos, a cruise boat, and IEPs... yes, please!

On Saturday at 4 pm, we're going to collaborate on the go as we walk through the city and board our private cruise boat. 

DAY THREE, Sunday, July 10th 

💡 Level Up Your Leadership

Deep dive into real world solutions for building trust on your IEP team, even through the toughest situations...

  • Bonus Learning Session with Kate Swenson of Finding Cooper's Voice- Receive a signed copy of Kate's new book, Forever Boy, and chat with Kate
  • IEP Leadership Strategies to Create Change-  An impactful leader knows how to bring others along on their journey of creating change. We'll show you how you can get others to build better IEPs, too!
  • Co-Working with Your New Colleagues - Our formal sessions will end at 12:30pm, but don't pack your bags just yet! You're going to love sticking around and collaborating with your new BFFs in Special Education from 1pm-3:30pm.

Get the IEP Strategies You Need Most

  • Before you arrive, you will fill out an in-depth attendee profile that our team will use to prepare a weekend that gives you EXACTLY what you are looking for to become a leader in your role at the IEP table.
  • All first-time attendees will attend both custom sessions and foundational sessions with Master IEP Coach® Methods, presented by our founder, Catherine.
  • All returning Master IEP Coaches® will experience the next level of strategies and masterminding, necessary to help you reach your goals as a Master IEP Coach®. 


What Master IEP Coaches® Are Saying...

Take it from their experience...

Bess Bauman

"As a teacher and special needs sibling, this fit perfectly with my goal to bring parents, teachers, and families together through the IEP process."

Allison Sweatman

"This is exactly what I needed to help myself and parents in my community through the exhausting IEP process."

BreAnn Robinson

"The collaboration and strategies inside of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship get results for my own children and my clients at the IEP table."


Get on the Waitlist.

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Included for Everyone!

    • Full Access to ALL Mastermind Learning Sessions and Master IEP Coach® Methods 
    • Small group coaching with an Expert Master IEP Coach® Guide
    • FULL Lifetime Access to the Mentorship's Online Course ($500 Value!)
    • IEP Coaching Sessions with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, founder of Master IEP Coach®
    • Private Cruise on Lake Michigan with Taco Bar, YUM! 
    • Signed copy of Forever Boy
    • Master IEP Coach® Certificate
    • SWAG! Our Master IEP Coach® community is going to shine as we take over Milwaukee!

We're going on a field trip together!

Your cruise ticket on Saturday, with your fellow Master IEP Coaches® is included!

Your Master IEP Coach® Leaders + Speakers in Milwaukee...

We hold nothing back in helping you prepare every child for further education, employment, and independent living...

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Founder of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship, host of the Special Education Inner Circle, and international speaker on building IEPs that work in the real world.


Kelly Weaver

Kelly experienced a lack of Special Education services for her daughter and created a school where children can reach their full individual potential in a caring and safe environment.


Kate Swenson

With her popular blog, Finding Cooper's Voice, Kate has provided hope and comfort for hundreds of thousands of parents of children with Autism. 


Candace Gizewski

Founder of Able Academy and BPI Therapy services, Candace turned the struggles she saw as a Special Education teacher into solutions for her community 


Kristen - Sweet Abilities

As a Special Education teacher, Kristen saw the lack of employment opportunities for adults with disabilities and became part of the solution with Sweet Abilities! 


Your Fellow Master IEP Coaches®

Learn from the leaders within our Master IEP Coach® Community! From IEP goal writing to classroom systems to parents partnering with schools for change... we've got it all!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Logo of organizations that have featured Master IEP Coach: includes University of St. Francis, NPR, XceptionalED, Spectrum News 1, 620 WTMJ, Chicago Parent, and N2Y

Hi! I'm Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Founder of Master IEP Coach® and I'm completely obsessed with digging into special education solutions with parents, teachers and IEP teams everyday.


I grew up as a special needs sibling, my brother has Down syndrome. I see the IEP table from the perspective of the family.

I became a special education teacher, determined to change the world from the inside of my classroom. I see the IEP table from the perspective of the school team.

For 25+ years I've been working for both parents and teachers, helping EVERYONE work together to create IEPs with less stress and more results.

I've consulted with parents + IEP teams through hundreds (probably thousands, I stopped counting after the first decade) of IEP meetings since 1996. I've seen what is possible for a child's future when we design a child's IEP for the real world and I can teach you how to make it happen!

Image of Catherine Whitcher, founder of Master IEP Coach®.

What Master IEP Coaches® are saying...


Travel Details for Milwaukee

We will be meeting at Drury Plaza Hotel in Downtown Milwaukee. We have special room rates at two hotels, details will be emailed to you. We will be minutes away from all the Milwaukee summer fun! You will receive instructions to reserve your hotel, and your detailed itinerary after your register. (General start/finish hours are listed above.) Our schedule is set up so you can easily arrive in Milwaukee on Friday and leave on Sunday, however many Master IEP Coaches® do plan to stay before and after the conference to have even more fun!

Master IEP Coaches® are Creating an Impact!

We're getting noticed in our Special Education community as positive change-makers! We are so grateful for companies partnering with us and supporting our mission to prepare every child for further education, employment, and independent living through a collaborative IEP process.

The Master IEP Coach® Mentorship is NOT a law class and we do not give legal advice.

IMPORTANT: I, Catherine Whitcher (founder of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship), am not a lawyer and will not be giving legal advice. Neither I, nor the IEP experts inside of the Mentorship teach how to file state complaints or due process.

This mentorship will focus solely on strategies to support families and schools through the IEP process who are NOT in critical situations.

This mentorship is ONLY right for you if you are looking to be a ridiculously awesome leader of the IEP process through positive interactions, creating appropriate paper trails, and knowing what surprising questions you need to ask + solutions you need to find to help a child go farther than anyone ever thought possible.

The entire Master IEP Coach® Mentorship is based on helping children receive an appropriate education to meet their unique needs, and to prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living... as stated in the purpose and findings of IDEA law, but if you're looking for all the legal jargon and you want to memorize all the legal cases to prove your point, becoming a Master IEP Coach® is not the path for you. 

Things we have to say to not get in trouble...

As with any online program, your results as a Master IEP Coach® may vary based on your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and so much more. Catherine Whitcher and the Master IEP Coach® program are not responsible for your success or failure. We are confident that we are providing you with an awesome experience and toolbox to help you achieve the highest level and the parents & teachers you've seen here are examples of what is possible. If you have any questions about the program and if it's right for you, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected]