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Special Education Parents and Teachers...

As a Master IEP Coach®, you will save parents and teachers from sleepless nights and wasted money trying to figure out Special Education all by themselves.

You'll be guiding parents and IEP teams to discover special education solutions they've never seen before.

I know firsthand, after helping IEP teams through thousands of IEP meetings, there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of education being left on the table every day because parents struggle with what to ask for and how to get to a YES from the district without fighting.

No matter what time of year it is, my inbox is overflowing with parents who are tired of playing games in Special Education.

They're done feeling defeated after every IEP meeting and want to finally walk out of the room with their head held high knowing in their gut they just built an awesome IEP for their child.

This is where you step in as a Master IEP Coach®!

Parents are googling and searching Facebook groups right this very second trying to figure out what to do with their child's IEP. You could be their answer.

I know you've got big dreams to change special education while working from home!

Everything you see on this page I've used myself for decades, but nobody showed me how. I had to build these tools from scratch and figure out how to support my family as a single mom, all by myself.

I don't want you to go through the same struggles I went through.

You can be prepared to get your own phone calls and texts from parents who need IEP help, in just a few weeks!

Let's work together and change Special Education, one IEP at a time.

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Master IEP Coach® Mentorship, Founder

Imagine Starting Your Day...
  • Energized and Excited to help families while keeping your family first
  • Confident and Clear on what you need to do to help families build meaningful IEPs
  • Supported and Surrounded by like-minded IEP changemakers
Not only is all of this possible, but we'll help you find clients, too!
Let's Look Inside Your Master IEP Coach® Mentorship + Network!
Your Master IEP Coach® Mentorship + Network Includes-

Complete Online Starter Kit

You will have ZERO questions about what to do to start or scale your own IEP coaching business. In fact, this Master IEP Coach® Business Kit is soooo good, we guarantee it works!

Monthly Roadmaps

We do the heavy lifting each month, providing you with exact steps to complete each month with downloads, checklists, and swipe files that make business growth simple.

Monthly Office Hours

Forget about googling solutions for hours. We've got many meetups every month, filled with expert advice from Catherine & professional Master IEP Coaches®. Replays, too!

Unlimited Access

We know your schedule is already jam-packed. Get 24/7 access to our online community of Master IEP Coaches® to learn and connect with fellow coaches.

IEP Strategies

Sitting at your own IEP table is much different than helping others. We'll show you the exact IEP strategies you need to help your clients dissolve disagreements FAST without ugly legal threats.

Tech Set Up Support

Getting an online business up and running can feel complicated, but it doesn't have to be! From gorgeous plug-and-play website templates to sending invoices. we cover it all.


Where Will You Get Clients?

You know you want to help parents, but who will hire you?

  • Each month we show you how to meet new families who need your help
  • You'll learn how to partner with community organizations for further reach
  • You'll learn how to never overcharge or undercharge your clients for your services
  • Learn to build long-term relationships with families so you're not constantly hustling for new clients.
  • BONUS: You can be added Master IEP Coach® referral directory and we can send you clients, too!

Who Can Become a Master IEP Coach®? 

We are the only IEP training program built for parents AND professionals.

  • Parents who have been there and done that at their own IEP table and never want parents to feel like they have in the past. 
  • Classroom teachers who want to stay in the classroom, but don't want to serve Starbucks as a side-hustle.
  • Burnt out teachers who want to leave the classroom, but their heart is in Special Education.
  • Administrators who have seen it all behind the scenes and want to help parents get through the red tape of the system.
  • Therapists who are tired of one-sided IEPs and want to see the whole child represented throughout the process.
  • To sum it up... if you sit at an IEP table and you want to get paid to help others through the IEP process, collaboratively, this is for you!

No Waiting.

We'll send you an email immediately after you enroll with a clear plan of how to access everything. PLUS...

  • You can RSVP "YES!" immediately to join our next virtual office hours with Catherine
  • You can open up this month's Master IEP Coach® action guide and get to work!
  • Find your Master IEP Coach® Business Starter Kit waiting for you in your online library of resources.
  • You can lurk and learn inside our professional Master IEP Coach® community just minutes after you enroll! 

Grab EXTRA Support to Help You Get Started!









Your DECEMBER Bonuses Include $1500 of EXTRAS!

Non-Salesy Sales Guide

The last thing you want to do is feel like you're too pushy telling people to hire you as their Master IEP Coach®. Get the exact process you can put on rinse and repeat to have potential clients saying "when can we get started"!

Onboarding Call

Want to create your own personalized roadmap with Master IEP Coach® founder, Catherine? You can! In your welcome email you'll get a link to her calendar that you can use immediately. 

30 Day Jumpstart Plan

You're going to take the leap and want to get started right away, but all the resources might feel overwhelming. No worries, there's a 30 day plan to follow in your Master IEP Coach® business starter kit!

Referral Directory

Master IEP Coach® has the only online searchable directory focused on providing parents with COLLABORATIVE help through the IEP process. We can't wait to add your name (when you're ready) and help parents find you!

Online Marketing and More

Gone are the days when dropping off business cards at the dentist's office is enough to get your name out there. We'll show you how to market online without having your eyes stuck to your phone all day.

IEP Assessment Wheel

Confidently know what to fix first in your client's IEP! With your IEP Development Assessment Wheel™ you'll become an expert in 8 key areas of the IEP. Your clients will be in awe with your effective strategies for IEPs!

Master IEP Coach® T-Shirt

We'll celebrate your first 30 days as a Master IEP Coach® by sending you a swag bag with a shirt and other goodies right to your front door! You're going to love showing off your new journey around town.

Fidget Computer Mouse

No fighting allowed over who gets to use the Hoglet in your house! This sensory support mouse will keep you focused while clicking away supporting families through IEPs.

Stay On Track

Time Timer® is the best of the best for visual time management support.  You'll love using this small, but mighty tool to stay on track during your IEP consults with new clients!


$1500 of EXTRA Support to Help You Get Started!









Let's Sum Up Everything You Get...

Business Starter Kit

A Step-By-Step online course to walk you through setting up your website, sending invoices, and how to conduct client consults with ease! You'll be ready to help parents in just a few weeks!

Professional Community

You get to run your business, your way, to help families through the IEP process, but you don't have to do it alone! Get 24/7 access to professional Master IEP Coaches®. Plus, 3 LIVE meetups every month!

$1500 Start Up Bonuses

We've poured everything we've got into helping you get started and keep going on the tough days. From IEP Guidebooks to swag showing up at your door, plus an onboarding call with Catherine... We got you!


Monthly Membership


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Annual Membership


Most Popular - Two Months Free

$497 VALUE, in addition to your $1500 Bonuses!


Both enrollment options are ongoing payments that can be canceled anytime.
No questions asked.

"Try It, Test It, Apply It" GUARANTEE

If you’re on the fence… We want to give you EVERY opportunity to get your Master IEP Coach® Business Started or Scaling. We know how AH-MAZING it feels to help parents through the IEP process and we want you to experience this, too!

That’s why we're giving you a full 30 days to go through the training, implement the lessons, and apply Master IEP Coach® methods. 

We're SO confident that if you apply what you learn inside of the Master IEP Coach® Business Starter Kit, which is 100% included in your membership, you’ll have everything you need to not only get up and running, but you'll even be able to onboard your first client. The only thing you have to do is give it a chance. If you complete your onboarding call with Catherine and your 30 day plan and you don't have all the tools you need to start or scale, just show us your work, and we'll return your first month's membership. You have nothing to lose and the joy of helping families navigate Special Education to gain

Have We Met Yet?

I'm Catherine and I'm obsessed with helping you help families through the IEP process. COLLABORATIVELY.

Growing up, I listened to my mom spend hours on the phone arguing with my brother's school. He has Down syndrome and needed more support than the school was initially willing to give.

I didn't want other parents to go through what my mom went through, so I became a Special Education teacher. I thought I'd solve all the Special Education problems from the inside of my classroom. 

But, I found myself teaching by day and coaching families on how to navigate the IEP system by night. I soon left the classroom and started my 25 year career of working solo to help families through the IEP process.

I'm not going to lie. It was hard. I was a single mom, sole financial provider, and I have a heart that just wanted to fix IEPs for families.  

In 2016, I founded the Master IEP Coach® programs so you don't have to go through the same struggles of wanting to help families through the IEP process, while caring for your own family, too. 

I've helped hundreds of parents and teachers become Master IEP Coaches® and I truly hope you let me help you, too.

Families are looking for you.


-Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Master IEP Coach®, Founder

YES, I'm Ready
Just a Few Encouraging Words from Master IEP Coaches®....
Get Ready to Become the Master IEP Coach® Your Community Needs!

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Master IEP Coaches® are getting noticed around the country for their positive impact in Special Education. We've partnered with a few elite companies who want to help you become the Master IEP Coach® you want to be. Our partners are rooting for you. Watch out for surprises from our cheering squad when you become a Master IEP Coach®!

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