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Master IEP Coach® 

to help yourself and others at the IEP table

Inside your Mentorship, you’ll join Catherine Whitcher, founder of Master IEP Coach®, to learn Master IEP Coach® Methods, access done-for-you IEP Guidebooks and Assessment Tools, immerse yourself in live group coaching, and participate in 30 days of private coaching sessions to help you grow as a leader at the IEP table.

Become the idea bringer, solution finder, and team builder at the IEP table. 

Can you imagine...

Cutting your IEP prep by 50%

No matter your role at the IEP table, you're spending too many hours to get ready for the big meeting day. 

Hearing "YES!" at the IEP table more often

Staff shortages are real. Inclusion plans are complicated. And making progress on all the IEP goals is tough. You need solutions - yesterday. 

Being so good at IEPs that you get paid to help others

You'll learn all things Master IEP Coach® to use at your own IEP table and... you'll learn options to make money with your new expertise!


Inside the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship,
I'll show you... 


Escape from disappointing IEP meetings and experience a combo platter of collaboration.


Bust away from old-fashioned IEP goals forever and finally build IEPs that make sense for a child's future.


Get even the most stubborn IEP team members on board with following the IEP!

This is all within reach! Keep reading...

“I'm obsessed with IEPs so you don't have to be. ”

While you're juggling life, I'm peeling back the layers of IEPs, turning complex jargon into plain English, and slicing daunting legal processes into doable steps. I'll sprinkle clarity and strategy over what can feel like a whirlpool of rules and regulations. Let me give you my 25 years of IEP experience, so you can focus on what matters –  getting results from an IEP.



What You'll Learn Inside Your

with Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Your IEP Makeover

Make your IEP meetings feel like a think tank of brilliant ideas, so even the team members who want to say "no" end up saying "yes!"

  • Get your own IEP Scorecard™ and IEP Development Wheel™ to use at your own IEP table and to help others! Stop wondering what's missing from the IEP.

  • Learn 13 rookie mistakes at the IEP table, (that even veterans make) one of which might have cost me my entire career

  • Utilize a critical communication strategy that I’ve always done - but most people don’t (which is why you feel defeated)

  • Avoid one huge blunder before every IEP meeting (sadly, I’ve made this mistake)

Critical Conflict Resolution

The clock is ticking the minute everyone walks into the IEP meeting room. Every second counts and you don't have time to argue.

  • Which negotiation strategies get you a “heck yes!” instead of a “heck no” at the IEP table

  • Stop the blame game and know exactly who is supposed to do what. (Hint: Teachers are NOT in charge of everything!)

  • “That’s a wrap, I’m done.” When to call it a day on pushing through a “no” at the IEP table (and how to get what you want anyway)

  • 3 easy ways to crush trust issues between home and school


IEP Goals and Services

Even with a staff shortage crisis, a child is never limited to counting pennies for money goals and a few overcrowded speech therapy sessions. 

  • One crucial action you should take at least 6 months before an IEP meeting (or ASAP, if that ship sailed)

  • How to avoid an instant NO when you know a child needs more support.

  • The “Real World” test for knowing if you’ve got the right IEP goals or should go back to the drawing board while you still can

  • Learn to stretch district resources without overwhelming staff and see more progress than you ever imagined!

Picking Perfect Placements 

Forget about feeling stuck between choosing classrooms A and B. You've got an option you don't even know about!

  • The most important email to send before an IEP meeting (about placement) that most people skip
  • Avoid this go-to “inclusion strategy” that backfires every time

  • Learn how to design placement for ESY services and how to get around the false statement that ESY is only for regression

Bonus #1

Want to get paid to help others with IEPs? 

 Fill Your Calendar with Clients

  • The fluke that caused my calendar to be full with IEP Coaching clients (year after year) - and how you can replicate it

  • One hidden hurdle you must overcome to make your IEP coaching business a success (don’t do this and you will tank)

  • Learn why your clients don't care about a fancy website and how you can build your business on a shoestring budget with a few clicks.

Learn All the Ways to Get Paid

  • The best advice I got - and the worst! (When I was starting my own business to help parents through the IEP process.)

  • An unfiltered tour behind-the-scenes of my business - plus 2 mistakes I had to course-correct, and one I should have

  • Three ways Master IEP Coaches® get paid (all are possible in the first 90 days!)

*If you don't want to start your own business, you'll ignore this bonus and get massive results by staying focused on your own IEP table.

Bonus #2

Live IEP Strategy Session Every Month! 

Your Mentorship includes access to a LIVE IEP Strategy Session every month where you can work in real time with Catherine to solve your Special Education struggle and learn from fellow Master IEP Coaches®.  YES, you get the replays, too!

I'm Ready!

Monthly Live IEP Strategy Session

30 Days 1:1 Coaching

Certificate Program

Lifetime Access
and Updates

"The resource teacher called and THANKED ME!"

Our school‘s new resource teacher just left me a voicemail THANKING me and saying she can’t wait to work together this year. She loved the prep work I shared with her before the IEP meeting and found it all to be very helpful. Thank you for this training and resources. We're off to a great start this year because of YOU!

Kimberly, Parent 

This works with your busy schedule - 

Monthly IEP Strategy Session

Every month, you get full access to Catherine and the Master IEP Coach® team for one live group training. You'll get a deep dive into all Master IEP Coach® strategies, and trademarked guidebooks. Yes! You get to keep the replays and materials forever!

30 Days of 1:1 Coaching 

For 30 days you'll be in a private chat with just you, Catherine, and the Master IEP Coach® Leadership team.  Catherine will prompt you each week on your Master IEP Coach® journey and you'll be able to ask all the questions that pop into your mind while devouring strategies inside your on-demand Master IEP Coach® library.

Self Paced Certificate Program 

Swipe open your phone and access all things Master IEP Coach® with just a few clicks! We load all your replays and Master IEP Coach® Curriculum into an easy-to-access app so you can always find your trainings and printable guidebooks in one place - yours to keep forever!



Become a Master IEP Coach®


Last Chance - Price Increases to $997 on August 1st

  • Master IEP Coach® Certificate Program ($1994) 
  • Monthly Live Virtual Coaching ($997/yr value)
  • 30 Day Access to Private 1:1 Coaching ($497 value)
  • Guidebooks and Assessment Tools ($397 value)
  • Master IEP Coach® Business Starter Kit ($997 value)
  • Lifetime Access to Replays + Updates Included ($497/yr value)
  • Master IEP Coach® Swag Care Package ($195 value)

First Year Value: $5574 
Ongoing Yearly Value: $1494 

Enroll today for a ONE TIME payment of $497

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Frequently Asked Questions


“My daughter's IEP team was so impressed"

"My daughter's IEP meeting was yesterday two little changes you taught me impressed my daughter's team so much. The team was so happy that I knew these strategies for making my daughter's IEP better!"

- Orenza, Parent

I wish my college program had taught me this.

"Catherine is teaching us the things that colleges should've taught us before we even sat at an IEP table."

Molly, Special Education Teacher

As a veteran teacher, I LOVE the strategies!  

I've got 25 years of experience and this program has me invigorated and excited to get back to work and build IEPs in a whole new way!

Christina, Special Education Teacher 


I found missing pieces in my son's IEP 

I LOVE the IEP Development Assessment Wheel™! As a parent, I found missing pieces that I know we talked about or should've talked about during the meeting. Because of the strategies you taught me, we are fixing the broken pieces collaboratively and quickly.

Leah, Parent 

“Breaking old school habits in Special Education is necessary. Showing parents and teachers how to break the habits together... makes it possible.”

Catherine Whitcher, Master IEP Coach® Founder

No Fail IEP Strategies

It's time for you to save yourself from sleepless nights and wasted money trying to figure out Special Education all by yourself and discover special education solutions you've never seen before.

You can have the same strategies Catherine has used in 1000's of IEP meetings, securing tens of thousands of dollars worth of education being left on the table every day because parents and teachers struggle with what to ask for and how to get to a YES from the district.

Every strategy inside of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship program has been tested for YEARS!

  • Toss out old-fashioned IEP goals that make no sense for a child's future
  • Create inclusion plans with confidence, knowing true connections will be made
  • Solve the mystery of "What does a good IEP look like?"


Enroll Now

Your Master IEP Coach® Mentorship Will Help You:


Stop Guessing

Put an end to tossing and turning at night, wondering if those IEP goals you picked are spot-on, if the classroom supports are just right, or if your placement decisions are hitting the mark. 


Stop Assuming

Time to break free from the 'this is just how it’s done' mindset in our IEP meetings. Let's ditch the assumption that 'never been done' means 'can't be done' and find a way - together!


Stop Settling

Let’s move beyond 'good enough' and aim for 'absolutely amazing' inside the IEP. It's like choosing a first-class experience over economy – because every child deserves the very best seat in the house.


I Love Swapping IEP 'Oh No' into 'Oh WOW'!

In case we haven't bumped into each other before, I'm Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, founder of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship. I've been in the disability community just about my whole life. I'm the big sis to a handsome guy, who has Down syndrome and his IEP meetings were my first taste of the IEP rollercoaster from the family-reserved front row.

I had a dream and a plan to shake things up in Special Education as a teacher and I did that for a few years, but - I found myself working late nights helping parents through the IEP system after a full day in the classroom. 

After attending an IEP meeting with a parent (that went AH-MAZING after super big struggles in the beginning) an Admin chased me into the parking lot asking me to train her staff to build IEPs with ease, I was hooked on helping teachers, too.

So here I am, 27 years later, still breaking all the old-fashioned rules in Special Education and loving every minute of it!

How to become a Master IEP Coach® - 

  • Complete your self-paced Master IEP Coach® Certificate program. Your online course is easy to digest and you can apply the strategies immediately!

  • Take advantage of your 1:1 coaching with Catherine via voice/text messaging for the first 30 days, to help you finish fast and get the answers you need

  • Attend Monthly Live IEP Strategy Sessions with Catherine when you want to deep dive on hot topics
  • Learn to use your trademarked IEP Development Assessment Wheel™ to build better IEPs with ease

  • Set up the foundation of your IEP Coaching business (only if you want to!)

So you can - 

  • Finally, stop feeling defeated and disappointed with IEP meetings and Special Education
  • Stop worrying if you're saying or doing the right things. You'll have done-for-you checklists and templates to fix your Special Education struggles
  •  Become the Master IEP Coach® your IEP table and community needs!

Master IEP Coach® Care Package
Sent to your door!

  • Trademarked T-Shirt - If you see someone wearing this shirt, you know they're one of us! We can't wait to see how you style your Master IEP Coach® t-shirt for your next IEP prep session!
  • Hoglet, Sensory Computer Mouse - Get sneaky sensory input while clicking on your Hoglet and finishing your Master IEP Coach® Certificate!
  • Time Timer® - Stay on track while writing IEP goals or preparing the perfect IEP meeting agenda with your own visual timer!
  • Calm Strips® - Add a calming texture to your laptop, travel mug, or notebook. Just swipe on the go and remind yourself to breathe - you got this!
  • Door Guardian - Easy to install door safety solution to keep everyone inside without unexpected escapes
$195 Value

You'll Be 100% Supported, Guaranteed

This is NOT a digital course that will collect dust on your laptop. You're enrolling in a true mentorship with direct access to Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed and our Master IEP Coach® Leadership Team. You don't have to worry about feeling lost - we're here to hold your hand, to change your IEP experience... every step of the way!

The Master IEP Coach®
Mentorship is for you if...

  • You're a parent, teacher, admin or therapist who sits at an IEP table  
  • You refuse to get involved in IEP drama
  • You love simple strategies that get phenomenal results
  • You'd love to consider (and get started!) getting paid to help parents through the IEP process.

The Master IEP Coach®
Mentorship is not for you if...

  • You thrive in conflict at the IEP table and stay up late at night dreaming of ways to bring surprises to the IEP table
  • You believe nothing can or will change unless you bring legal threats to the school district
  • You're not willing to try to do IEPs differently
  • You'll never trust the "other side" of the IEP table

It's time to ditch outdated IEP goals
and miserable IEP meetings.

"This program was life changing"

"A whole new perspective on Special Education"

"It will exceed your expectations"


Years of




Access to Replays and Updates




"I couldn't be more grateful"

"Best decision I ever made!"

"It's official: I have received my first paying client!"

"I was so nervous... but, everything was clear and concise plus so many downloads!"

"I'm so excited to be collaborating with a diverse group of parents and professionals. Thank you for bringing everyone together!"

"I love being part of the mentorship. It was the best decision I've ever made!"

"Her views and ideas are extraordinary and I am so blessed to have Catherine's support on my journey to make a difference."

"Absolutely join the Mentorship! You will not regret it one bit."

"Best investment I've ever made!"


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