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Become a
Master IEP Coach®

Special Education Parents and Teachers,
Learn to help yourself and others at the IEP table


Can you imagine...

  • Parents are googling right this very second trying to figure out what to do with their child's IEP. You could be their answer.
  • Teachers & IEP Teams are filling up sticky notes & lesson plan books to problem solve IEP disasters waiting to happen. You could have the roadmap to help them with the toughest decisions they've ever had to make.
  • While you're digging into fixing IEPs, you could also step out as a Master IEP Coach® and get paid for your expertise.

As a Master IEP Coach®, you will save parents hours of time and tons of money.

You'll be guiding teachers, therapists, and teams to discover special education solutions they've never seen before.

Master IEP Coaches spark teachers & teams to shut their laptop lids and lean into creating more than just an IEP document.

You'll be the go-getter who knows how to build an educational experience that students and parents treasure.

I know you've got big dreams to change Special Education for yourself and for others!
So, what is the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship?

The Master IEP Coach® Mentorship is a self-paced, interactive online experience that teaches trademarked IEP strategies that you can't google.

The mentorship is a virtual, hands-on, program that helps parents, teachers, admins, and therapists nail the IEP process with confidence. You'll even have an entire community of Master IEP Coaches® cheering you on!

By the end of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship, you’ll…

  • Become a leader at the IEP table in your current role. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or other professional at the IEP table. You're going to shine!
  • Stop second guessing if you're doing this IEP thing "right" and gain the proven strategies we know have worked for decades!
  • Learn how to create additional income as a Master IEP Coach®, in your community and online. Building your website, working with families and schools, becoming a speaker... it's all here!
If you're DONE being EXHAUSTED from the IEP process and you want to help yourself and others...

You're Ready to Become a
Master IEP Coach®!

Here's how the mentorship breaks down...

Beyond IEP Basics

It's time to go beyond the internet searches and bad advice in Facebook groups and see what strategies really work in the trenches every day when you are a Master IEP Coach®.

In module one, you’re going to learn:

  • IEP Checkpoints that nobody ever told you about before. If you don't cross these off your IEP list, you're missing opportunities to help a child succeed!
  • Build your IEP Success Path with IEP letter writing templates that will save both parents and teachers a ton of time in OFFICIALLY documenting a child's needs. We all know if it's not in writing, it didn't happen!
  • How to finally get a YES at the IEP table for the services and supports a child needs most without needing 5 hour IEP meetings.
  • Decide how you will use your IEP experience and new skills as Master IEP Coach® both in your current role at the IEP table and as an IEP expert in your community!

Leadership + Inclusion

Trying to create change in Special Education can feel like walking through mud. Step up your leadership skills and watch parents and teachers start seeking you out for IEP solutions that work in the real world!

In module two, you’re going to learn:

  • Exactly what you need to do before, during, and after the IEP meeting so you can sleep soundly at night knowing you did everything right.
  • How to recognize a red flag before it becomes a burning fire that takes the entire IEP team off track.
  • To build a truly inclusive classroom and school community for each individual child because plopping a child in art, music, and P.E. is simply not an inclusion plan. 
  • Learn all the tools it takes to build income and impact as a Master IEP Coach® beyond your current role at the IEP table. Build your own website showcasing your new IEP skills, grow your social media connections, and so much more!

Old School vs New School Thinking

Ever feel like the IEP process is like trying to connect your new iPhone charger to a boom box? The two simply just don't go together. The world has changed and now we need to upgrade our IEP writing from the inside out.

In module three, you’re going to learn:

  • IEP goal writing for the Real World. IEPs aren't about just following the curriculum. We've got so much more to conquer than counting pennies!
  • Strength-based IEP writing to help every child show off their awesomeness while reaching the next milestone.
  • Decision making with confidence from service minutes to placements, you can do this!
  • How to turn your free IEP advice that you're giving out on Facebook into paid work that makes you the IEP expert in your community.

Troubleshooting + Parent Input

Ever walk out of an IEP meeting and think... what did we just accomplish? You're frustrated you didn't get to all the talking points and you know there's going to need to be another meeting sooner than later. You can prevent that from happening ever again as a Master IEP Coach®

In module four, you’re going to learn:

  • Parent Input + IEP Strategy Checklists to define the desired outcome of each and every IEP meeting. You'll cut your IEP meeting prep by 50%!
  • What to do when your District simply does NOT have the resources a child needs. 
  • How school staff, from the General Education classroom teachers to the Librarian, can truly can support a child beyond  their IEP.
  • Make your dreams to change Special Education come true. Want to become a speaker? Want to build an online course? Want to help families 1:1? Learn all the ways you can get paid as a Master IEP Coach® and get started immediately or wait till you're ready. You decide!
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Every week, you’re going to access:

  • A LIVE meeting with fellow Master IEP Coaches®
  • Replays for every online session. In fact, you get to watch the replays IMMEDIATELY from our last LIVE ONLINE Huddle when you enroll in the mentorship!
  • You can get started in becoming a Master IEP Coach® right now, today, on your own schedule and you'll also get to work together in real-time with us every week!
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Weekly Master IEP Coach® Huddle

Every week the Master IEP Coach® community is Huddling Up and you're invited! This isn't just any old online course or conference, we are real people working on IEPs TOGETHER.


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Our Master IEP Coach® Mentorship LIVE experience only happens 2x a year, but you can access ALL the recordings of our most recent conference!

Get immediate access to 10+ hours of ADVANCED IEP training to help you take your Master IEP Coach® skills and impact to the next level. 

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The Master IEP Coach® Mentorship is NOT...
a law class and we do not give legal advice.

IMPORTANT: I, Catherine Whitcher (founder of the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship), am not a lawyer and will not be giving legal advice. Neither I, nor the IEP experts inside of the Mentorship teach how to file state complaints or due process.

This mentorship will focus solely on strategies to support families and schools through the IEP process who are NOT in critical situations.

This mentorship is ONLY right for you if you are looking to be a ridiculously awesome leader of the IEP process through positive interactions, creating appropriate paper trails, and knowing what surprising questions you need to ask + solutions you need to find to help a child go farther than anyone ever thought possible.

The entire Master IEP Coach® Mentorship is based on helping children receive an appropriate education to meet their unique needs, and to prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living... as stated in the purpose and findings of IDEA law, but if you're looking for all the legal jargon and you want to memorize all the legal cases to prove your point, becoming a Master IEP Coach® is not the path for you. 

Master IEP Coach® has been featured on...

Are you a perfect fit to become a
Master IEP Coach®?

  • You currently sit at an IEP table as a parent, teacher, admin, or therapist and you're tired of IEP drama, anxiety, and exhaustion.
  • You've thought about becoming an IEP advocate, but traditional advocacy just doesn't seem like the right fit.
  • You'd LOVE to both become an IEP expert for your current role at the IEP table and expand into creating income as a Master IEP Coach® (either now or later).
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.
We can't wait to welcome you into the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship!
If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...
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  • 5 Self-Paced, Interactive Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Learn to Earn Income as a Master IEP Coach®
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  • Invitation to Join Us for Master IEP Coach® VIP Weekend in Milwaukee in July 2022
  • Advanced IEP Training + Support
  • Digital Certificate and Badge
  • Exclusive Opportunity to Join the Master IEP Coach® Network
PAY IN FULL - Most Popular!
Things we have to say to not get in trouble...

As with any online program, your results as a Master IEP Coach® may vary based on your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and so much more. Catherine Whitcher and the Master IEP Coach® program are not responsible for your success or failure. We are confident that we are providing you with an awesome experience and toolbox to help you achieve the highest level and the parents & teachers you've seen here are examples of what is possible. If you have any questions about the program and if it's right for you, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected]

One more thing that is really AWESOME! 
Master IEP Coaches® are getting noticed around the country for their positive impact in Special Education. We've partnered with a few elite companies who want to help you become the Master IEP Coach® you want to be... how cool is that?!?! Our partners are rooting for you. Watch out for surprises from our cheering squad when you become a Master IEP Coach®!