#134: Engaging All Learners is Possible! with Hope & Wade King

Engaging all learners in all classrooms sounds almost impossible, but Hope & Wade King are here with us to show us how to get it done! While Hope & Wade aren't regulars at the IEP table, they are both incredible, passionate educators who recognize the need to have a 360 view of the classroom, seeing new ways to engage all abilities levels. That's the secret sauce of Hope & Wade - and they're bringing you the 3 steps to build a progression of student engagement. So let's dive right in...

Hope & Wade are both educators, authors of The Wild Card, and are the masterminds behind the Get Your Teach On! Conference. This year, the conference is adding a Special Education track for the first time and yours truly will be leading the Special Education Resource Room. As Hope said, one of the pieces GYTO was missing was how to serve special education teachers specifically, but also how to empower general education teachers to serve the individual needs of all students. GYTO and I are going to be bringing something truly special to Orlando next week and I really hope I'll get to see you there!


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