#146: Emails Like This are Why I Never Give Up!

I will never ever give up on bringing more collaborative strategies to Special Education. I will never stop bringing parents, teachers, admin, and therapists to train together, to learn together, to understand each other better and work together at a different level. 

Recently, I got an email that reminded me exactly why I'll never give up the preachy, sunshine attitude about what's possible at the IEP table and why we need to work together. I want to share that email with you... 

I hope that you're ready to collaborate and build a foundation of trust with your IEP team. I hope you're ready to write better IEPs that work in the real world. I hope that you're ready to adapt and adjust your leadership skills at the IEP table. When you're ready, you can find all your options for joining us in the Master IEP Coach Mentorship here. 


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