3 Takeaways from the Master IEP Coach Mentorship Training

Hey there 👋 I just wrapped up a training for Master IEP Coaches and wanted to share some major aha moments from the session - straight from the perspective of NEW Master IEP Coaches®! 💡

  • The first big takeaway was getting general education teachers more involved in the IEP process. 👩‍🏫 Often there's a divide between gen ed and special ed in schools.  It doesn't have to be that way! Inside the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship we cover specific strategies to break down those walls and get all teachers invested in all kids' success. 
  • The second aha was about preventing IEP burnout and boundaries. 😴 Sometimes IEPs get overloaded with a gazillion goals and strategies leaving no room for organic learning or relationships. Learning how to prioritize goals, let some go, and structure the day so teachers and students aren't just box-checking but actually making progress on the most important goals is critical. 🎯 This creates a domino effect to hit milestones without burnout.
  • The third big takeaway was you can include a home-school communication plan right in the IEP. 🏡👩‍🏫 No more back and forth about how much contact parents and teachers should have! We cover how to decide the minimum communication needed and get it documented so there's no confusion year to year. We can meet kids' needs and respect teachers' boundaries - it's possible! ✅

I hope these highlights get you excited to join our next Master IEP Coach cohort! Just click the link to learn more. Let's get ALL members of the IEP team working together to give all kids the education they need to be prepared for the future! 🙌

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