3 Words People Use to Describe You After an IEP Meeting

On the latest episode of the Special Education Inner Circle podcast, I got real about something that can feel a little uncomfortable but is so important for growth.

I asked the challenging question - if people were talking behind your back after an IEP meeting this school year, what three words would they use to describe you? Yikes, right? But here's the thing - those three words give us a window into how we may be showing up, for better or worse. 


Maybe the words would be positive ones you're proud of, like "caring," "data-driven," or "persistent." Or perhaps they would sting a little, describing traits you'd rather not embody at the IEP table. Either way, it's powerful self-reflection fuel.

The school year is ending, which means a fresh start is coming. An opportunity to be more of who you want to be when speaking up for your child or students. Listen to the whole episode and hear some real examples from Master IEP Coaches® of words they aspire to, like "lifeline," "calm," and "patient." 

We all have growth areas, myself included. Maybe this year was just plain hard and brought out sides of yourself you aren't crazy about. That's ok! The key is getting conscious about it so you can make shifts.

As you prepare for next year, get clear on how you want to show up. What energy, attitude, and mindset will serve you best to get the desired outcomes you need? 

Want more out of the IEP process?

It starts with each of us bringing our highest selves to the process, even on the tough days. So get reflective - who were you at IEP meetings this year? Who do you want to be moving forward? Don't be afraid to share your three words with me in my Instagram DMs!

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