5 Questions to Ask When IEPs Aren't Working

Raise your hand if you've ever felt frustrated when IEPs just aren't working AND you're tired of band-aid fixes! I see you - and I've been there. 

But hang in there, my friend. Today I’m bringing you 5 powerful questions guaranteed to shake things up for the better at your next IEP meeting. These simple but strategic questions will laser-focus your team on the most critical issues and spark big thinking about REAL solutions. Get ready to take some collaborative notes! 📝

Question #1: What are the top 3 priority issues on this IEP? Make a quick list of all the troubles, then circle the high-level problems that are causing the biggest headaches. Tackling these first creates a domino effect of positive change.

Question #2: What's root of those top 3? Get the details on what's causing each of those 3 issues. Every situation is unique, so no assumptions allowed! Dig into the real root causes. 🕵️

Question #3: If you could dream big, how would you fix these in the next 90 days? Brainstorm creative solutions you never thought possible! There are always fresh ideas outside the box if you look. You have to dream big and then marry your new ideas with current resources to get new results!

Question #4: How will things look in 90 days if we don't make moves? Talk honestly about the likely outcomes if your team keeps doing the same old thing. A little reality check can inspire action!

Question #5: If we do fix this, what changes may we see in 90 days? Envision the wins, growth, confidence, and opportunities that could unfold. This feels like a breath of fresh air!

With compassion and creativity, you can lead your IEP team! Remember, you’ve got this - but you also have an entire community and resources waiting for you. 

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