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Want to Change Special Education with Me?

A note from Catherine (Founder of Master IEP Coach®)...

It’s been about 25 years since the first time I ever helped a parent at the IEP table.

From that first meeting, I was hooked.

What started as helping one family, led to me helping hundreds of families, through the IEP process.

I didn’t have any fancy marketing, social media didn't exist, and my website was soooo ugly.

I didn't have all the IEP answers all the time either.

But, I did have hope, determination, clear communication, relentless research skills, and a dream.

A dream to change special education so families didn’t have to feel like my family did when they were trying to figure out special education for my brother who has Down syndrome.

A dream to change special education because I knew what it felt like to walk into a classroom, as a new teacher, and have nothing but a pat on the back from my boss who said “Everything will be fine.”

After two decades of helping parents with IEPs and financially supporting myself and my two daughters as a single mom, people started to ask…

Can you teach me to do what you do?

I said “no” for years.

But 6 years ago, I said “yes”.

That’s when Master IEP Coach® began.

A lot has changed in our Master IEP Coach® programs since the very beginning, but one thing hasn’t.

Today I have more hope and determination than ever before.

I’ve helped hundreds of Master IEP Coaches® start their own small businesses, just like I did.

Master IEP Coaches are helping families across the country every day.

They’re creating positive change and building IEPs by bringing parents and teachers together, collaboratively.

So I’ve got one question for you…

Want to change Special Education with me?

Go Here to See How.

With Hope and Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher

P.S. If your heart is saying yes, but you’re not sure if this is for you. Just go check this out. It was created 100% for the busiest most determined people I know… special education teachers, parents, admins, and therapists. Look Here