10 Answers About Becoming a Master IEP Coach®

Hey there, I'm Catherine Whitcher, and I'm thrilled to dive into the top 10 questions about becoming a Master IEP Coach®. These questions pop into my inbox all the time!

1. What Qualifies Me to Teach You How to be a Master IEP Coach®? I've spent over 25 years in special education, both professionally and as a special needs sibling. My personal and professional experiences have equipped me with the knowledge to teach you how to both build a business and navigate the IEP process collaboratively. (Watch the video to find out how I was a nosy big sister about my brother's education and what happened when I became a Special Education teacher.)

2. Who Can Become a Master IEP Coach®? Anyone who sits at an IEP table and has their heart set on helping parents through the IEP process. You've seen the good and the bad at the IEP table and you want to help create more of the good! 

3. How Can I Make Money as a Master IEP Coach®? You can earn as a Master IEP Coach® by being hired by parents directly or collaborating with community organizations to provide IEP coaching and workshops. I'll show you how this works, suggested fees for your service and more, if you choose to start your Master IEP Coach® journey.

4. Is a Master IEP Coach® the Same as an IEP Advocate? While there are similarities, a Master IEP Coach® focuses on proactive, collaborative solutions rather than traditional adversarial advocacy. We bridge gaps, improve both short-term and long-term outcomes, and bring teams together.

5. What Is the Time Commitment for a Master IEP Coach®? You decide! Our program allows flexibility. You can craft your schedule, whether it's a four-day workweek or a weekend warrior as a side-hustle. There are absolutely no live mandatory meetings or trainings that you have to squeeze into your schedule.

6. Do I Need to Develop Any Other Skills? Master IEP Coaches need excellent communication, IEP development, and basic business and tech skills. We've got step-by-step guides for all of those inside your Master IEP Coach® Business Starter Kit.

7. What's the Demand for Master IEP Coaches? The demand is growing due to learning gaps, staff shortages, and economic challenges. Parents are seeking proactive solutions, making your role invaluable.

8. What's Included in the Master IEP Coach Business Starter Kit? Our comprehensive kit includes IEP guidebooks, a Master IEP Coach toolkit, marketing resources, and tech guides. You'll receive step-by-step guidance, videos/audios, and coaching via email to help you thrive.

9. When Can I Get Started as a Master IEP Coach®? See here to check if enrollment is currently open.

10. I don't see my question answered, can I connect with someone to ask my question? Absolutely! Go to this page and leave us a question. We'll get back to you ASAP!