What you'll learn...

  • IEP Coach vs Advocate, What's the Difference 
  • 3 Ways IEP Coaches Get Paid
  • 5 Things to Know Before You Start Your Own IEP Coaching Practice

And what you'll gain...

  • Clarity to Decide if You Want to Become an IEP Coach
  • Answers to Your IEP Coaching Questions
  • A clear vision of what life as a Master IEP Coach® looks like for YOU!
Okay, I'm Ready to Learn More!

Master IEP Coach® Founder, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Hi, I'm Catherine and I'm completely obsessed with digging into special education solutions with parents, teachers, and IEP teams every day.

I grew up as a special needs sibling, my brother has Down syndrome. I see the IEP table from the perspective of the family.

I became a special education teacher, determined to change the world from the inside of my classroom. I see the IEP table from the perspective of the school team.

For 25+ years I've been working for both parents and teachers, helping EVERYONE work together to create IEPs with less stress and more results.

I've seen what is possible for a child's future when we design a child's IEP for the real world and I can teach you how to make it happen!

Working independently as an IEP Coach for BOTH parents and teachers, standing on in-person and virtual stages as an international speaker, and becoming an online business owner allowed me to work from home, and provide for myself and my family... even when I was a super busy single mom.

I can't wait to help you decide if helping others through IEP process, as an IEP Coach, is right for you!