#166: Southwest Meltdowns and Special Education

Just like the Southwest crews are not to blame for planes not flying, teachers are not to blame for schools not having the resources or support for executing appropriate IEPs.

Just like the passengers are upset at the crew for not flying, parents often get upset at teachers for Special Education failing.

Flight crews and passengers are on the same side. They want to be flying.

Teachers and parents are on the same side. They want a child to succeed.

But an old, outdated system, is still being used in our schools and it causes meltdowns for teachers and parents, just like Southwest's system is causing meltdowns for passengers and crew.

You'll hear about how Southwest employees have BEGGED for upgraded systems in the past.

Teachers, I've seen you beg for new solutions in our schools.

Parents, I've seen you both beg for new IEPs and predict how the broken school system is preventing your child from succeeding.

I don't know how Southwest is going to turn all of this around, but I do know how to start making progress in Special Education (even in a broken system).

Start with these 12 IEP Questions (Free Download): www.iepchecklist.com