Hey There,  I'm Catherine Whitcher and...

If you sit at an IEP table, you belong here.

Let's fill up your IEP toolbox with free resources, bite-sized podcast episodes from the Special Education Inner Circle, and maybe you'll even decide to become a Master IEP Coach®! 

Let's Talk About Swapping IEP 'Oh No' into 'Oh WOW'!

I've been in the disability community just about my whole life. I'm the big sis to my wonderful brother, who has Down syndrome and his IEP meetings were my first taste of the IEP rollercoaster from the family-reserved front row.

I had a dream and a plan to shake things up in Special Education as a teacher and I did that for a few years (way back in the late 90's), but - I found myself working late nights helping parents through the IEP system after a full day in the classroom. 

Helping parents create IEP solutions they've never seen before was my full-time focus until...

After attending an IEP meeting with a parent (that went AH-MAZING after super big struggles in the beginning) an Admin chased me into the parking lot asking me to train her staff to build IEPs with ease, I was hooked on helping teachers, too.

So here I am, 27 years later, still breaking all the old-fashioned rules in Special Education, coaching parents and schools, and loving every minute of it!

And one more thing... I created the Master IEP Coach® Mentorship just for you! Find out how you can get ALL of my trademarked, custom-made IEP tools and if you've been thinking about starting your own IEP Coaching business... I'll help you do that, too! Look Here.

Any of this sound familiar?

01. IEP Meetings Don't Seem to Matter

Decisions were made before you walked in the room or even worse, the same decisions are made at every single IEP meeting. You need to shake up IEP decisions without making people shut down.

02. You Feel Invisible

You don't know everything, but you sure know more than what others at the table give you credit for. You need to let your genius fly at the IEP table, without being the troublemaker.

03. You're Ready to Call It Quits

Maybe this is just the way IEP meetings are supposed to be and you should just pack your bags and put your effort elsewhere. You're fall on the floor tired of doing all the IEP prep work for it just to be ignored.

“Working with Catherine and becoming a Certified Master IEP Coach® is one of the best things I've ever done professionally and personally.”

Kristen Buckley, Special Education Administrator and Parent at the IEP Table

“I'm obsessed with IEPs so you don't have to be. ”

While you're juggling life, I'm peeling back the layers of IEPs, turning complex jargon into plain English, and slicing daunting legal processes into doable steps. I'll sprinkle clarity and strategy over what can feel like a whirlpool of rules and regulations. Why? Because you have enough on your plate. Let me give you my 27 years of IEP troubleshooting experience, so you can focus on what matters – teaching, parenting, and creating positive change in Special Education.


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