IEP Deadlines Missed? Fix It Fast

Grab a cup of your favorite brew (I'm currently obsessed with golden milk lattes – a must-try, by the way!) and let's have a real talk from my latest Special Education Inner Circle podcast episode. Here are the highlights - listen to the full episode for details!

The Ah-Ha Moment in a Recent IEP Consult

I don't often work one-on-one with families anymore, as my focus has shifted towards coaching others to become Master IEP Coaches®. However, I still occasionally consult to keep my skills sharp and stay connected with the real-world challenges of special education. Recently, I had a jam-packed session with a parent enrolled in the Master IEP Coach® Certificate program. She was equipped with the tools to help her son, but needed guidance to navigate some emotional waters.

Initially, the parent thought there was a significant issue with a single teacher on her son's team, but...  it turns out, there was a trend of issues that had somehow slipped under the radar. The communication from the school was – practically non-existent. (Ugh, this was problem #1 we needed to solve or so we thought.)

The Next Realization

The parent discovered that her son was working on a curriculum that he had outgrown. Talk about being bored in class! It's like re-watching a TV series for the umpteenth time – even if it's good, it gets old. This led us to a crucial question: When was his last full evaluation? Bingo! It had been ages - the official legal deadline had passed. 

So we rolled up our sleeves and crafted a plan to request a new evaluation. Our aim? To get everyone back on the same page, sans drama, with evaluations scheduled ASAP.  Then if needed, we will go back and look at what might need to happen (compensatory education?) due to data not being kept and evaluations not being scheduled on time. 

The Heart of Master IEP Coaching®

This is what being a Master IEP Coach® is all about. It's not about overreacting to problems; it's about collaborative solutions and getting mistakes fixed fast. We’re not here to point fingers but to build relationships while holding everyone accountable (yes, both parents and teachers) - to make sure that an appropriate education is delivered CONSISTENTLY.  

Invitation to Join the Journey

If this conversation hits close to home, whether you're a parent or an educator, I've got an open door for you to become a Master IEP Coach®. It's more than a title; it's a movement. See how here.


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