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Meet a few of our Master IEP Coaches® who are helping parents and teachers like you!

📝 Kindness Deserves a Seat at Every IEP Table

Kirby is a mom of three and has her own Education Coaching/Consulting business working 1:1 with clients. She has a passion for helping parents learn the IEP process!

📝 "Are IEPs for More than Just Academics?"

Amanda DeLuca is a Master IEP Coach® and mom to a child on the autism spectrum. She loves to help families feel more confident in their IEP decisions. 

📝 Should I Bring My Child to Their IEP Meeting?

Catherine is a mother of 4 adult children, two that have autism. Catherine is a certified special education teacher, reading specialist, Master IEP Coach®, and owner of TeachBloomGrow.

📝 Executive Functioning Success, One Skill at a Time

Kearney Doherty is an Education Consultant and mom. After working as a special educator and administrator for over fifteen years, she continues to work so that children's needs are met in school.

📝 Creating a Sensory Path for Your School

Meredith Mitchell is a Master IEP Coach® Guide for New Coaches.  She is currently a classroom teacher & was recently Teacher of the Year!

📝 The Importance of Social Skills in an IEP

Jessica Beaty is an autistic mom of two and a special education consultant. Her expertise is with preschool through elementary age families with or without official diagnosis of autism, adhd/add, specific learning disability, and sensory processing support needs.

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All Master IEP Coaches® are independent. They are not employed by or partners with Master IEP Coach®. Master IEP Coach® and Catherine Whitcher, LLC are not responsible for services provided by individuals.

Meet the Master IEP Coach® Community


Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

A former special education teacher and special needs sibling completely obsessed with IEPs! For 20+ years I've been working for both parents and teachers, helping EVERYONE work together to create IEPs with less stress and more results. I've seen what is possible for a child's future when we design a child's IEP for the real world and I can teach you how to make it happen!


Master IEP Coach® Network 

Master IEP Coaches® are Idea-Bringers, Solution-Finders, and Team-Builders at the IEP table. They help you elevate your role to secure critical IEP supports for children who receive Special Education services.  A Master IEP Coach® can help you say goodbye to old-school IEP goals, stop fighting over services, and start designing inclusion plans that work in the real world.


Becoming a Master IEP Coach® has changed my life, and most importantly given me a community of like minded people who want to make positive waves in special education!

Stephanie DeLussey

Master IEP Coach®

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Master IEP Coach®

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