FREE Coaching Session for fatigued and frustrated parents and teachers


What's ONE thing every Special Education Teacher or Parent wants?

I believe that the answer is:


You want more time in your day to enjoy the simple things.

You want more connection in your relationships to enjoy simple moments together.

You want more money. More energy. More time. 

But you need to get more of those without adding more complications to your day.

This school year was tough and you shouldn't be stuck in the cycle of school year exhaustion straight into "hurry up and rest" during summer break, just to do it all over again.

Let me show you how to get out SIMPLY MORE, every day, without adding more to your plate!

Join me May 28th at 10am EST and yes... there will be a replay!

Yes! I Want More!

Give me 60 min and I'll show you...

Why most parents and teachers fail at time management 

It's not your fault! You've got responsibilities that are NOT going away anytime soon. I won't be telling you to "delegate" so you can get more time in your day. That's not how your life works!

Why standard self-care keeps you in a cycle of stress

Bubble baths and "me time" are band-aid fixes for parents and teachers. Find out how you break the cycle of highs and lows and finally feel better, even on your not so great days.

6 Pillars that will hold you up when you feel like falling down

I'll show you 6 strategies backed by science that explain why you're struggling to get MORE from your life. And yes, I've used every one of these strategies myself for YEARS!

Give me the link to join on May 24th and the replay!


Hello, I'm Catherine!

You might know me as, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, the Founder of Master IEP Coach¬ģ programs¬†and host of the Special Education Inner Circle podcast - but, it's time for me to share how I got here.

It wasn't by chance. When I was down and out, at my lowest, after a divorce, losing my house, watching my dad lose his battle with cancer, and praying every day that my daughter's severe seizures wouldn't reappear... I did the research and found the strategies I needed to pull myself up and beat all odds. 

Today, you'll find me living out what I thought was only a dream. I spend my days doing work that I love, in a supportive and loving marriage, and living debt-free in a vacation town in Florida. 

It took me years to get here, but I followed the exact strategies I'm going to give to you - free. 

You deserve so much more than stressed out school years and hurry-up and rest Summers... and I'll show you how to get there.

Join me on May 24th at 10am EST and Get the Replay!